What kind of spring is stainless steel extension springs

Stainless steel extension springs are spiral tension springs that can withstand axial tension. Stainless steel extension springs are generally made of round cross-section materials. When not under load, the rings of stainless steel extension springs are generally tight and there is no gap.


How to do daily maintenance of handheld portable golf laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder is widely used in industry, construction, metallurgy and other industries due to its high measurement accuracy and ease of use. In the process of using the handheld portable golf laser rangefinder, there are many issues that need attention. If you always pay attention to maintenance, the service life of the equipment can be extended to a certain extent.


Types and characteristics of high concentration fixing agent

High concentration fixing agent includes acid fixing powder. Generally speaking, this fixing agent is used to improve the wet fastness of nylon and blended fabrics after dyeing and printing. It can improve the color fastness of nylon fabrics during continuous dyeing. Has little effect on colored light. Strong acid resistance, so it will not stain the white background when printing nylon.


Vibratory finishing machine standard for adding grinding fluid

When using vibratory finishing machine to polish workpieces, the addition of grinding fluid can not only improve efficiency, but also improve the smoothness and gloss of the surface of the workpiece. It can also be divided into various types according to the rolling requirements of various materials. The addition specifications are as follows:

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