FRP guardrail anti-collision field characteristics

FRP guardrails are divided into general section anti-collision guardrails and bridge guardrails according to the road section; according to the installation position, they can be divided into roadside guardrails and central divider guardrails; according to their mechanical properties, they can be divided into rigid guardrails and semi-rigid Three methods of guardrail and flexible guardrail.


What can a cone calorimeter generally test?

Generally speaking, the application of cone calorimeter can obtain multiple performance parameters of combustion samples, such as heat release rate, mass loss rate, smoke generation rate, effective heat of combustion and ignition time, as well as the toxicity and combustion gas Corrosion etc.


How to maintain the waterjet cutting machine

To maintain the waterjet cutting machine, the maintenance personnel need to clean the equipment after the processing is completed every day, so that the machine tool and the guide rail are kept clean;


Safety precautions when using pillow packing machine

Pillow packing machine​ is a kind of frequently used mechanical equipment in modern manufacturing equipment. In the constant work over time, there are many things that need our operators to pay attention to. Do the maintenance and maintenance work of pillow packing machine on weekdays. It can better create benefits for our company, and it can also ease our work.


Troubleshooting methods for common problems in operation of slant bed cnc lathe

slant bed cnc lathe is a typical mechatronics product that comprehensively uses advanced technologies such as computer technology, automatic control technology, and superb measurement technology. Its control system is complex and expensive. Once a failure occurs, many people will stay away from it because of its "expensive value", and they will often hire professional maintenance personnel.


Principles of purchasing granule packing machine

The reason why the granule packing machine is getting more and more attention is that compared with the traditional equipment, the new granule packing machinee adds weighing skills on the original basis, and is widely used in pesticides


What is the working form of the Switching Power Supply?

The power scheduler of the switching power supply​ has been operating in the expanded area, and the current continues one after another. Due to the large power loss on the dispatch tube, a high-power dispatch tube is required and a large radiator is installed. The fever is severe and the power is very low, generally 40% to 60% (it is necessary to say that it is a linear power supply).

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