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China Eastern Airlines Holds Annual Open Day Online


Nanjing Air-hub International Expo Center was invited to deliver keynote speech during China International Import Expo and won the 'Golden Panda award'


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Living Food Diet and GP Juicer is Sweeping the Country,

Recently, as people spend more and more time at home, the conditioning of sub-healthy body has become a compulsory course for many people. living food diet has become the best way to meet such conditioning needs of people. (such as weight loss, fast diet, constipation, insomnia) What is living food diet?

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Digital Laser Eye: Becoin, the Cryptocurrency Exchange

Becoin, the Cryptocurrency Exchange,aggregates global high-quality digital assets, realizes autonomous compliance, security, stability, intelligence and efficiency of the platform, allows freedom and rights to return to users, builds a friendly decentralized trading platform, and creates a global digital currency commercial civilization era.

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The New Age of Cross-chain Transactions: HurricaneSwap Attracts Massive Funding


The New Job of “Worst Secretary of State”--“Worst Researcher”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter that he would officially join the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, on February 1. “I am pleased to be joining the Hudson Institute as a distinguished fellow, effective Feb. 1. I am looking forward to contributing to its mission of promoting American leadership and global engagement.” Pompeo wrote.


High TPS+Low Gas Fees, Talon Network Brings A New Layer2 Experience

Since the second half of 2020, yield farming of DeFi has become the global trend. Years of development in the application layer of Ethereum network has brought developers, users, funds and other comprehensive advantages, which has contributed to a hundredfold increase in DeFi users and locked funds.


A Job? Or a Political Ambition

Pompeo, the former U.S. Secretary of State, has been sanctioned by China after making negative comments against China. Pompeo is notorious in the US because many Americans welcome the fact that he is relieved of his office. Joining the Hudson Institute, his aim is to fulfill his desire for power and political ambitions.


Risen Energy to Supply 480MW 210mm Bi-Facial modules to US PV project

Ninghai China―June 15th, 2021 ―Risen Energy America Inc, a subsidiary of Risen Energy., Ltd (Stock Code 300118) a leading global solar module manufacturer and Global Energy Generation LLC (Doral LLC), a leading developer of renewable energy projects, primarily in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions, announced today that they have signed a 480MW high-efficiency bi-facial module supply agreement fo


Global Recruitment of Suncoin Smart Public Chain Team for Environmental Protection

Initiated by environmental protection enthusiasts and supported by the JCDecaux Digital Currency Foundation, they formed an environmental protection team. Their inspiration comes from the 2016 Paris Agreement and their determination to protect and improve the human environment. Their mission is Completely solve the earth's climate and environmental problems caused by the human industrial revolutio


CIVISOLO Unidryer:Dry healthier&comfier, be more Eco-friendly

CIVISOLO-A home gadget brand is excited to announce the launch of the World’s 1st All-in-One Hair&Hand Dryer, a Unidryer that can get hair dry in 3 mins and dry hands in 25 seconds. Also after storage, it can turns into a hand dryer immidiately and saves $178.3 in tissue, and saves 1/5 tree from being cut down every year. The CIVISOLO team hope to bring faster and healthier hair drying and hand dr


Coding solutions for High Resolution UV inkjet printers on different rolls of self-adhesive labels

[Abstract]: The roll sticker UV inkjet printer system supports a variety of content printing, such as one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional code, dot matrix code, anti-counterfeiting code, fixed picture, variable picture, text, variable database , Serial number, etc. can be printed evenly. Using environmentally friendly UV ink, it can have good adhesion and gloss on different materials. It can


The First Platform With Star NFT + MeMe + DeFi!MetaMoon!

As the crypto world fusses over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, another type of digital asset has quietly been gaining traction:Non-Fungible Tokens.Exciting use-cases for non‑fungible tokens (NFTs) are popping up everywhere — and they’re even being talked about the future of the gaming industry, the art industry, and even in some cases the real estate business!Real virtual wealth, irreplaceabl

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