Dior Wu, Taiwan’s blockchain expert and a world leading authority in cryptocurrency, has partner up with Hollywood to create a new cryptocurrency


Proposition 21 Supported by Just 37% of Voters in UC Berkeley Poll


Ontology Gold ONTC-building a commercial credit platform based on blockchain


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Quartz Stone is Being Widely Used in Construction

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Samsung Expands Advanced 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensor Offerings for Wider Mobile Applications

Compact chips boast industry’s smallest pixel size, allowing sleeker designs and minimized camera bumps The new 0.7μm lineup will adopt enhanced pixel technology with boosted light sensitivity, ISOCELL 2.0, later this year

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WHO Chief Dr. Tedros criticizes and warns against Trump politicizing coronavirus

​After failing to pin the epidemic on China, President Donald Trump has made the World Health Organisation his newest No. 1 target.He has began a frenzy verbal attack against the WHO, accusing it of being pro-China and repeatedly threatening to withhold U.S. funding to the WHO.In response to these groundless accusations, the WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned President Tru

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Meckiss Facial Cleanser with Bioecolia Balanced Skin Micro-ecology

Recent years, health method of probiotics is popular all over the world. In fact, as far back as 1982, Estee Lauder rolled out Advanced Night Repair with probiotics. Thereafter, a large number of niche brands and luxury brands have followed suit. They produced various skin care products including facial cleanser, mask and cream. Meckiss followed closely, and entered the initial market of probiotic


How to judge whether sesame cooking oil has been stored for too long?

sesame cooking oil is closely related to our lives, and the dishes we usually cook in the kitchen cannot be separated from edible oil. During the holidays, many people will buy large amounts of cooking oil because of promotional activities. Improper storage of cooking oil will have certain harm to the body, and will the cooking oil be stored for too long? How to judge whether the cooking oil has b


Precautions for maintaining glass shower enclosure

In order to prevent the glass shower enclosure from exploding, we should maintain the glass shower enclosure from time to time. The following briefly describes how to properly maintain the glass shower enclosure.


The benefits and maintenance of installing a Glass Shower Enclosure

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of modern technology, the ancient and traditional glass industry has been reborn. In the process of the development of toughened glass and other safety glass from the bud to the maturity, various glass products with unique functions have come out. These glass not only play the traditional light transmission effect, but also can play some irreplaceable


‘Golden Autumn general attack’ launched by Jiangning for the investment breakthrough year

44 major projects signed and implemented, with a total investment of over 100 billion RMB, News (Correspondent Guo Zhifeng & Reporter Zhou Aiming) The 2020 Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair Nanjing, China kicked off on September 16. During the fair, 11 district-level special events were held in Jiangning, with an all-round introduction of the vital industrial momentum and excellent business ec


The difference between LED track lights and LED ceiling lights

LED track lights is a light installed on a similar track, and the angle of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, so it is generally used as a spotlight in places that require accent lighting. The following briefly describes the difference between LED track lights and LED ceiling lights.


GODFREE ROBERTS: What’s actually happening in Xinjiang

America and its allies, under the guise of the War on Terror and humanitarian intervention, have droned, bombed and killed millions of Muslim children, women and civilians in a dozen of countries from Afghanistan to Yemen, and displaced millions more. In 2011 President Obama ordered the execution of Anwar al Awlaki, an American extremist preacher, for preaching the same kind of Wahabbist extremis


How to maintain LED track lights

Many times people always ignore the maintenance of furniture and lamps, and always hold the idea of replacing them when they break. In fact, both furniture and lamps need to be maintained, because this can extend their service life. Because LED track lights​ are beautiful and have good local lighting effects, they are very popular on the market and dark colors are popular among consumers.


Fashion luxury brand ReFa establishes Asia Pa

It is reported that the Swiss luxury fashion brand ReFa has officially entered the Chinese region in mid-to-late September this year, and established an Asia-Pacific region operation center in Suzhou, Jiangsu. The establishment of Lefa in Suzhou is a fancy to the huge potential of the Chinese market, and it is also ReFa Trying new business methods.

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