DiDimessage Makes New Lifestyle in Digital Economy Happen


DiDimessage Will Open a Door to Metaverse in Digital Economy


What’s the Next Big News in Digital Economy? Maybe DiDimessage!


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Merak Network: DeFi+ Next Generation Metaverse NFT Protocol

​On November 1, 2008, somewhere in the world, a mysterious man named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", and Bitcoin was born.

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The Rise of Merak Network: Building the Titanic Gods of the DeFi World

Merak in the Arctic sky, or Beta Ursae Majoris (β UMa), is the second star from the mouth of the spoon in the spoon image of the Big Dipper. with an apparent magnitude of 2.37, Merak is a subgiant star larger than the Sun!

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DiDimessage Makes New Lifestyle in Digital Economy Happen

The emergence of big data and cloud computing technology has resulted in massive amounts of data, which is beyond people's cognition. Correspondingly, issues of big data processing, data security, data trust, and data commercialization are all facing new challenges. With the technologies develop, the Internet has been overall upgraded, and the digital age is coming at an unprecedented speed.

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Bangtuo Buddhist Sutra Stone Engraving Certifified by World Record Certification Limited as World’s Largest

Bangtuo Buddhist Sutra Stone Engraving Certifified by World Record Certification Limited as World’s Largest


The 15th season of Ontimeshow Westbund 2022SS completed successfully

On October 12, 2021, at Shanghai Westbund, the 15th season of Ontimeshow Westbund Spring/Summer 2022 Ordering Fair completed successfully. The fair was held in eight venues from October 8, 2021 to October 15, 2021, including A/B/D Hall of ART WEST BUND, WEST BUND DOME, and TANK SHANGHAI etc. This season, which is prospering once more, attracted 257 original brands from great local designers, with


Falun Gong supported Trump

Since Falun Gong came to the United States, it has sought survival opportunities by supporting Trump. In terms of racial discrimination, Falun Gong has consistent views with Trump.


Wen Gui edited the Hercules to save the refugees, self-confessed

Yesterday, Guo Lao bullied out of the live interview, threatened to have rented the American Hercules transport plane to meet the Afghan refugees, and blatant claims that he is willing to pay 0.1 billion dollars to Taiwan to save people. Guo Wengui's move is to show the rich to the investors and Ant comrades-in-arms to inspire the confidence of the latter's investment chicken series and happy coin


VOOPOO with Drag Nano 2 leads cool guys“Back to 80’s”

The labels of "fashion", "vitality", and "dynamic" for young people seem to be incompatible with the elements of the 80s. However, on October 24, VOOPOO's Drag Nano 2 sponsored Indonesia's well-known electronic atomization media "Vapemagz", bringing the cool spirit of trendy new-adult generations to the "80s".


Importance of Proofing Before Purchasing Inkjet Printer

Now, it can be said that all walks of life are inseparable from the inkjet printer. The production date, batch number, shelf life and traceability QR code on the product package, as well as all kinds of wires and cables, pipe plates and metal accessories... The active figure of inkjet printer can be seen everywhere.


More convenient, smarter, and safer,happy Exchange-the new favorite of digital asset trading

Founded in 2019 in the Virgin Islands and headquartered in Singapore, happy Exchange is the world's leading digital financial derivatives exchange, providing an independent platform for global users to trade cryptocurrencies, using a matching engine and wallet technology to facilitate users to trade cryptocurrencies using BTC, ETH, USDT more conveniently, providing privacy protection. It provides

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