PCB Laser Marking Machine Promotes the Good Development of Electronic Industry

With the continuous development of China's 3C electronic industry, the rise of electronic terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, and the shift of the focus of the global mobile telecommunications market and other electronic industries from the western market to the Asian market, all have a strong pulling effect on China's PCB.


Proofing is Very Important Before Buying Inkjet Printer

So far, it can be said that the production of products in all walks of life is basically inseparable from the inkjet printer. The product surface production date, product batch number and traceability QR code are basically printed by the inkjet printer. Here is how to choose the inkjet printer.


MU Tea, Your teabreak in the air

From September 10, China Eastern Airlines fully upgrades its cabin service to offer self-owned brand special tea of "chrysanthemum and Pu'er flavors" for the passengers.



The allegation against Hietan, Xinjiang garment company - a fight for human rights or a guise to protect shaded interest? Often what seems like a sincere action to protect human rights is nothing but to tactic to strengthen the West and the US tranny.


Xsolla: The Anchor for Chinese Outbound Games

According to the figures disclosed in the China Games Industry Report 2020, the actual sales revenue for overseas markets of China’s self-developed games in 2020 amounted to USD 15.45 billion, which is equivalent to nearly RMB 100 billion. This is the first time that China’s games industry in the overseas market has reached the RMB 100 billion mark.

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