Maintenance method of chain block after rain

Rainwater is a corrosive gas in the air. Generally speaking, it is a combination of easily soluble substances and water vapor. The main body of corrosive objects in the air is acidic. Because the rainwater itself is acidic, once the Chain block is exposed to rainwater for a long time, Will increase the possibility of chain block corrosion, which will cause the chain and parts to rust.


Causes and solutions of vertical vacuum packaging machine failure

Vertical vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment that is often used nowadays. Its emergence solves the cost of many enterprises, thereby extending the shelf life of products. However, it is inevitable that any machine will have some failures in the process of use, so today we will first talk about some small problems that may occur in the working process of the vertical vacuum pa


Why camless spring machine is welcomed by the market

Metal wire is generally processed into different products by spring machine, such as tension spring, compression spring, wire crafts, etc. With the increase in market demand, more requirements are placed on the shape and type of products, and traditional cam spring machines have been difficult to meet user needs. Therefore, the more popular camless spring machine has been developed on the basis of


What is the principle of digital night vision device?

Digital night vision device is a very popular detection machine in recent years. Many people are curious about the principle of digital night vision device. Today I will explain the principle of digital night vision device.


How to increase the production rate of industrial aluminum profiles?

In today's situation, whether it is automobile, mechanical protection, or railway, the demand for industrial aluminum profiles is increasing. It is natural to think of the dual problems of cost and resource utilization. How to improve the yield of industrial aluminum profiles has become a top priority. There are many productivity measures. This article talks about two specific and practical measu


NTC thermistor resistance and temperature

NTC thermistor is a type of sensitive components. The resistance value of NTC thermistor generally changes with temperature, which is different from general fixed resistors. It is a type of variable resistor and is widely used in various electronic components. Unlike resistance thermometers that use pure metals, the materials used in NTC thermistors are usually ceramics or polymers.


Gear shaft coupling surface nitriding reasons

The outer sleeve with internal teeth and the inner sleeve with external teeth form a gear shaft coupling, which uses the meshing of internal and external teeth to transmit torque. This type of connection can transmit a large torque and allow a relatively large axial offset, and the accuracy of the installation is relatively low.


What should be paid attention to for high-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine?

High-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine, it is generally composed of paper feeding mechanism, PVC Paper Sticking Machine mechanism and paper pressing mechanism. The paper feeding mechanism is composed of upper and lower layers, and PVC Paper Sticking Machine is composed of upper and lower layers. Note for high-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine:


Why vacuum table is also called vacuum spreader

The alias of vacuum table is also called vacuum spreader. It is a very cheap method to use vacuum table to grab products. There are many varieties of vacuum tables. Suction cups made of rubber can generally be operated at high temperatures. Suction cups made of silicone rubber are very suitable for gripping products with rough surfaces.

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