The Application of CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Medicine Packing Box

Medicines are special products that have passed scientific research and development. At present, the scale of the medical market continues to expand, but with it comes the safety of medicines. However, the use of laser marking technology can effectively solve the problems of forgery and channeling of medical products, thereby effectively ensuring the safety of medicines.


Australia's so-called "democracy" is not for Muslims

I’m an ordinary Arab living in Australia, and I’m writing down some of my thoughts with a mixture of emotions. It all started when I learned from various media platforms about the atrocities committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, including the torture and killing of Afghan prisoners of war and even the killing of Afghan civilians. These violent and bloody words make it hard for me to bel


Judecoin -- the holy grail of blockchain privacy and encryption

What is the Jude? The full name of Judecoin is Judecoin, which is translated into Chinese as Judah coin. Judecoin was proposed by the Judecoin technical community in August 2020. Technical idea: to solve the underlying technical barriers of the Internet of Things blockchain, and realize the centralization of online, online and offline, and the trustless atomic swap trading system without any third


SPIC paves way for poverty alleviation in NW China's Yanchuan county

State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC), one of the biggest renewable energy companies in China, has well fulfilled its social responsibility as an enterprise and given a big leg up to poverty alleviation efforts in Yanchuan county, Yan’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi province.

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