Nongfu Spring Marches on Carbonated Beverage Market and brings novelty to the Market

The market share of carbonated beverage in China tops over 60 billion at the moment, but some traditional high sugar carbonated beverages are labeled as unhealthy drinks in recent years. As Consumers are in urgent need of new healthy carbonated beverages, a new opportunity emerges on the market with a value of 60 billion. Different from other carbonated beverages on the market, Nongfu Spring TOT c


Nongfu Spring Focuses on Market Segmentation to Create a Unique Brand Matrix

People have an increasing awareness of the profound significance behind the "integration of brand growth and marketing effect" in the new era as this marketing concept serves as an important premise for the sustainable development of brands in the new retail environment. In addition, with the improvement of consumers' health awareness and cognition, as well as the overall technical level of the be


1 + 1 > 2 Nongfu Spring Cooperated With Quna Festival to Win Youth Market by Innovative Ideas

Nongfu Spring officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange some time ago, right after that, it made its debut on 9.9 Quna Festival with the new product TOT Carbonated Drinks, which received much attention once again. As a famous marketing IP, Quna Festival has created more contemporary marketing scenarios for increasing number of enterprises and brands since its establishment, and builds a br


Nongfu Spring Brings Forth New Products and Promotes Further Development of Packaged Drinking Water

Nowadays, the packaged drinking water industry represents one of the sub industries with considerable income scale in China's soft drink industry, accounting for more than 20% of total industrial income. According to relevant data, the market scale of China's packaged drinking water industry has reached up to 139.7 billion yuan in 2018 and topped 201.7 billion yuan in 2019. It is expected that the


Nongfu Spring Lays out a Diversified Product Matrix As Various Drinks Keep on Developing

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, since 2012, Nongfu Spring maintained the number one market share of China's packaged drinking water market for eight consecutive years. In 2019, Nongfu Spring ranked among the top three in the Chinese market for tea beverages, functional beverages and juice beverages. What it has achieved is closely tied to its spirit of enterprising and solid work. It no


BYD Wins the Largest Pure-Electric Bus Order outside of China

Bogotá, Colombia - BYD is proud to announce that it has exclusively won cumulative orders to supply 1,002-unit pure-electric buses to the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This tender was open to all bus technologies, yet BYD won the trust and cooperation of its partners in the fiercely competitive bidding process thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, products and services. This is the largest order


The blockchain domain name system will be the first currency listed on MXC Exchange. MXC Exchange and BitDNS will cooperate in the development of the blockchain domain name system

Nowadays all exchanges are developing with cryptocurrencies. In the early days, they were only institutions that provided transaction matching services for cryptocurrency holders. Later, as the digital currency market continued to expand, specialized transactions were finally formed. Therefore, the scope of services has gradually expanded too.


The improvement and innovation of Uniswap V3 has driven the whole field of Defi to a new height

Since June of this year, the speed of Defi has been increasing rapidly. In this process, lending, DEX and liquidity mining developed most rapidly. The number of users of Defi has increased from less than 200000 at the beginning of June to more than 400000 now. The amount of assets locked by Defi has increased from less than US $1 billion at the beginning of June to more than US $8 billion now. The


The First Hainan International Beer Festival kicked off

The event’s venue is 16,000 square meters. More than 50 exhibitors are attending the activity. The beer festival will last for 10 days, during which exciting themed activities will be held for the attendees. As one of the main activities of the Hainan Island Carnival in 2020, the festival continues to fill the city with good spirits during the Christmas and New Year season.

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