Create a super entrance to the blockchain, "FirstWallet" cuts into crypto assets storage, payment, transfer and other scenarios


With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, wallet, as the entrance to crypto and metaverse, have been grabbed by many enterprises. This includes FirstWallet, which focuses on ease to use, safety and assets appreciation.

Recently, we interviewed Alex Lucs, founder of FirstWallet. He said, "FirstWallet's mission is to help more ordinary people hold crypto assets and help more people gain wealth appreciation through crypto assets."

FirstWallet founder Alex Lucs graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and worked as a product manager at Apple for three years. He joined the Ethereum core development team in 2017 and started FirstWallet at now.

He said that FirstWallet, as a blockchain wallet product, has three major characteristics:

Easy to use. The product experience is as close to the mobile Internet wallet as possible to reduce the learning cost. For example, the interface design of FirstWallet is more user-friendly and more in line with the using habits of ordinary users, not only experts can use. In addition, the exchange channel of crypto currency and fiat currency has been opened to facilitate users to freely buy and sell crypto assets. In addition, a customer service team of hundreds of people will be prepared for new users.

Safety. As a decentralized wallet, FirstWallet chooses to save the user's private key and mnemonic phrase in the user's own local system instead of uploading it to FirstWallet's cloud platform, effectively avoiding the risk of server theft or hacking, and launched seven security mechanisms, etc.

Assets appreciation. In order to thank the community members, FirstWallet will soon launch the use-to-earn mining function. Users do not need to deposit their own tokens, but only need to use FirstWallet to enjoy weekly token airdrops. At the same time, more social and gameplay function will be updated, so that every ordinary user can get the bonus of the growth of FirstWallet.

FirstWallet is also actively expanding its business boundaries and building its own ecosystem. Including: docking more mature public chains to support more tokens, while launching crypto wealth management projects, testing the technical services behind offline payment scenarios, and starting the independent research and development of FirstChain.

At the end of the interview, Alex Lucs revealed to us that a number of international investment institutions are approaching FirstWallet, and a financing of tens of millions of dollars will soon be announced.

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