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In May 2022, members of Element Lasb, a global consensus, launched Element game esports platform. Within a short month, the Popularity of Twitter has passed thousands. Why can such a hot game esports platform get such high attention as soon as it comes out?

Technological innovation

Element is an open blockchain game platform that uses Element-SDK and IBC to build interconnected blockchain network protocols. Element's convenient SDK tools help traditional games quickly switch to blockchain games. An external extension module for the underlying technology, embedded system applications, enables Element to intelligently connect to gaming devices.

Mature competition system

Element has a strong team consensus in league of Legends and other competitive games, and the GameFi team and guild can quickly help traditional games to establish a mature economic system and education system.

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Element not only has strong technical support, a mature event system and the Element meta-universe game competition platform under Web3.0, but also has gained the support of well-known Sandbox artists and started to design esports scenes and games about Element. This can actually be seen from the side. For the most part, there is a very strong consensus, both in the traditional game industry and in the meta-universe.

Element has a lot of support in the metaverse, not just from artists and architects, recently on Twitter @element_web3.0 also shows the NFT works created by the artist "E-sports kids". It is obvious that Element has strong IP in the meta-universe, and its underlying technology is also worth looking forward to.



According to the Element Whitepaper, the Element metasomes esports platform is already working on game production tools and NFT production tools, which in part will attract a large influx of players. Establishing an NFT marketplace for all the games on Element improves the shopping experience for players, increases the liquidity of game assets, and uses infrastructure to increase game discovery. These games in turn increase the value of the platform, creating a virtuous circle.

As a result, Element won the support of many big Vs shortly after it was launched. Now, traditional esports players are experiencing a long cyclical weakness in the game field, and traditional games are eager to find a new breakthrough. In the Era of Web3.0, the game esports platform under the Element meta-universe will bring a new rebirth to the whole game esports industry.


Element is committed to revolutionizing and building a new gaming world within the Web3.0 gaming world. Web 3.0 is driving the growth of the entire gaming industry, let's see.

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