Importance of Proofing Before Purchasing Inkjet Printer


Now, it can be said that all walks of life are inseparable from the inkjet printer. The production date, batch number, shelf life and traceability QR code on the product package, as well as all kinds of wires and cables, pipe plates and metal accessories... The active figure of inkjet printer can be seen everywhere. In fact, major manufacturers will conduct product proofing before ordering inkjet printer, which can most intuitively feel the effect of each inkjet printer on their own product packaging. No matter what product it is, it is now inseparable from the code spraying logo. These logos may be some simple numbers, or some complex logos, QR codes, etc. So, from what aspects should manufacturers consider the choice of inkjet printer?

1. Inkjet effect

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to is the inkjet effect. Basically, the production date and product batch number are printed on the surface of food packaging. Small character inkjet printer and CO2 laser printer are widely used. The specific choice depends on your own needs.

Through proofing test, we can see what type of equipment is more suitable. Small character inkjet printer sprays ink on the product surface. The purchase cost of the equipment is relatively low, but the original ink needs to be purchased in the process of use, and because it is ink-jet, the printed content can be erased with chemicals; CO2 laser printer burns the food packaging surface to leave a permanent and clear mark. The utility model has the advantages that no consumables are produced during use, which is safe and environmentally friendly; And because it is the identification left by burning, it cannot be tampered with and erased. The purchase cost is higher than that of small character inkjet printer.

2. Suitability of packaging color and material

When a product comes out, it is inevitable to consider the user experience. It needs to be considered from the perspective of consumers. First, it is necessary to spray code clearly. Some manufacturers' packaging bags are dark in color (dark purple, black, etc.). If the small character inkjet printer is used to inkjet the code at this time, the inkjet effect will be relatively poor. Customers can't understand the important information such as production date and shelf life at a glance, which will affect the purchase experience and enterprise image.

Therefore, if this type of dark packaging, we generally recommend to use CO2 laser printer. Because the laser printer is hot, its inkjet is characterized by white marks, so it is very suitable for code assignment of dark packaging.

3. Security

The small character inkjet printer is widely used in the drug packaging we are familiar with. For example, the small character inkjet printer of model b3020 can professionally assign codes to drugs, and print information such as validity period, production date, quality guarantee date, trademark, model and specification. Of course, compliant databases such as one object, one code and variable two-dimensional code can be printed online.

Professional inkjet printer manufacturers will provide various types of inks for the field of pharmaceutical packaging to achieve environmental protection and safety.

4. After sales timeliness

The timeliness of after-sales service reflects the professionalism of an enterprise. Excellent and large-scale inkjet printer manufacturers generally respond quickly after sales. Only with perfect after-sales guarantee can customers have no worries when purchasing equipment.

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