“Giant Whale of Mining Pool "-- North America Pool Global is officially launched!


On 27 February NY time, the world's first one-stop blockchain cloud computing platform -"North America Pool" will be officially launched. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and miners may download and register by then in the first place.

North America Pool is the world's leading one-stop cloud computing platform of blockchain. Its members of founding team are composed of technology and financial talents from Microsoft, IBM, JPMorgan and other Fortune 500 groups, and are committed to provide BTC, ETH, FIL and other multi-cryptocurrencies asset mining services and cryptocurrency value management services that are far exceed the industry benchmark of income level. NAP, the only token used in North America Pool, is the only "economic fuel" available to all ecological participants in North America Pool. It is extremely scarce and only issued with limited quantities and destroyed in a regular basis. Investors cannot acquire it by purchasing but only to obtain it through “mining” and income settlement from "cryptocurrency management" in North

America Pool platform. With huge potential for appreciation, it will become a cryptocurrency legend beyond BTC.

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