8 advantages of O-rings


The common use of O-rings is due to its many advantages. In summary, there are 8 advantages of O-rings. Each of these advantages expands the scope of application of O-rings. Then there are 8 advantages. Hi-tech rubber and plastic insulation board will analyze one by one for everyone;

1. The posture friction of the O-ring is very small, so it can be used in many hydraulic cylinders with sealing effect.

2. The cost of O-rings is cheap, because there are so many materials, and the production process is relatively low compared to gender-based sealing products, so it is low-cost.

3. Many raw materials can be used. The vulcanized rubber that can be thought of at this stage can basically be used to make O-rings such as common nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, and silica gel. Uncommon ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber, etc. can be used to make O-rings, which has great advantages.


4. Simple structure, exquisite, installation operation, good ductility, excellent actual effect in the extruding type sealing performance, and self-sealing characteristics. Many O-rings with other positions have already become a standard (for a large number of specifications, please refer to the "O-ring Specification Table (GB3452.1-92/82)") and are used in different manufacturing industries.

5. Incorporating a large number of substances, it does not react to many substances, only a very small number of substances. It is not an environmental pollution transmission method, and it is more suitable for most oil, water, gas and chemical substances.

6. The O-ring seal is applied to this exercise mode. It can be applied not only to the turntable but also to the radial repetitive exercise, and its composition in fitness exercises,

7. Suitable for a variety of main purpose raw materials, specifications and pipe trenches have long been standardized, and the exchange is strong.

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