Swamp excavator manufacturers: matters needing attention


Swamp excavator manufacturers: matters needing attention

1. The swamp excavator is a fixed asset with a large economic investment. In order to increase its service life and obtain greater economic benefits, the equipment must be fixed in terms of personnel, machines, positions, and responsibilities. When the job must be transferred, the equipment should be disclosed.

2. After the swamp excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geology of the working surface and the surrounding environment. There should be no obstacles within the swamp excavator's rotating radius to avoid scratches or damage to the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, no person is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the crawler belt to ensure safe production.

4. During the work of the swamp excavator, it is forbidden for anyone to stay or walk within the radius of gyration or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the cab and move around, and they are not allowed to train drivers to avoid damage to electrical equipment. .

5. When the swamp excavator is moving, the driver should observe and sound the whistle before moving to avoid safety accidents caused by someone near the machine. The position after moving should ensure that the swamp excavator's rotation radius is free of any obstacles. Illegal operation.

6. After the work is finished, move the swamp excavator away from the low-lying place or the edge of the trench (ditch), park it on the flat ground, close the doors and windows and lock them.

7. The driver must do the daily maintenance, overhaul, and maintenance of the equipment, make a daily record of the equipment in use, find that the vehicle has problems, and cannot work with illness, and report repairs in time.


8. The cab must be clean and tidy, and the surface of the body must be clean, dust-free, and oil-free; develop the habit of wiping the car after work.

9. The driver must keep a record of daily shifts in time, make statistics on the work content of the day, complete the formalities in time for odd jobs or items outside the project, and make records for use in checkout.

10. Drivers are strictly prohibited from drinking at noon and drunk driving during work. If found, financial penalties will be imposed and the economic losses caused shall be borne by themselves.

11. For man-made vehicle damage, it is necessary to analyze the cause, find the problem, distinguish the responsibilities, and impose economic penalties according to the severity of the responsibility.

12. It is necessary to establish a high degree of responsibility, ensure safe production, earnestly do a good job of communication and service with the construction party, do a good job of bilateral relations, establish a good work style, and work hard for the development and benefits of the enterprise.

13. The operation of swamp excavator is a special operation, and a special operation license is required to drive the swamp excavator.


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