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the Official Global Launch of the Brand-new Jetour X70 PLUS at the Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing International Auto Show officially kicked off on September 26, 2020. At the press conference, Chery Holding Group's Jetour brand announced the official global launch of the brand-new X70 PLUS.

The new Jetour X70 PLUS follows the overall design language of the "the best in Hui-style" family, and creates a ‘mobile space full of oriental flavor’ by incorporating various classical elements of Chinese Huizhou culture and the design connotation of ‘home’.

In appearance, in accordance with the characteristics of Jetour products like good looks and large space, the automobile body design is dynamic, fashionable and rich in oriental cultural temperament. In addition, 4749/1900/1720mm oversize body, 2745mm ultra-long wheelbase, 5/6/7 seats available, all of which create large and comfortable space suitable for family and travel.

On the interior, the X70 PLUS adopts a 10.25-inch full LCD smart dual screen and a touch panel for air conditioning control. The overall style is simple and full of the sense of technology. Besides, the interior material uses a variety of fabrics to splice for better layering.

In terms of power and intelligent configuration, the 1.5T and 1.6T engines are available with a maximum output of 156 HP and 197 HP, respectively. Moreover, the new car is equipped with a large intelligent screen, panoramic reversing image and other intelligent configurations.

The brand Jetour focuses on travel +, and is committed to providing more families around the world with more reasonable automobile solutions by offering products with attractive appearance, large space, multi-functions and intelligence.

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