Maintenance method of chain block after rain



   Rainwater is a corrosive gas in the air. Generally speaking, it is a combination of easily soluble substances and water vapor. The main body of corrosive objects in the air is acidic. Because the rainwater itself is acidic, once the Chain block is exposed to rainwater for a long time, Will increase the possibility of chain block corrosion, which will cause the chain and parts to rust.

   The correct way is to dry and dry the parts after being exposed to rain. It is best to use a hair dryer to dry the parts. If the internal parts cannot be completely blown dry, then you can disassemble the Chain block cover and air it, and wait until it is completely dry. Secondly, apply anti-corrosion grease or lubricating oil to the corrosive parts.

chain block

   After the above steps, a safe trial run is required next time it is used, and it can be used normally. After normal treatment, the Chain block has basically no obvious impact, but it is still necessary to reduce the number of times the Chain block is exposed to rain.

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