Why camless spring machine is welcomed by the market


          Metal wire is generally processed into different products by spring machine, such as tension spring, compression spring, wire crafts, etc. With the increase in market demand, more requirements are placed on the shape and type of products, and traditional cam spring machines have been difficult to meet user needs. Therefore, the more popular camless spring machine has been developed on the basis of the cam spring machine. What is the difference between the two?

          There are eight cam shafts on the cam spring machine and work panel. These eight cam shafts are driven by a servo motor, and then the cam shaft drives these cam plates to rotate, and then the cam plates push the work slider to move. Since the eight camshafts are moving at the same time, it is necessary to arrange the cam pieces of the product and let each work slider perform actions in sequence. Although no action will be made on the steel wire at the same time, all the cam pieces are always rotating during the work . If the operator is careless and does not arrange the cams, there may be a possibility of collision.

camless spring machine

          The eight camshafts on the camless spring machine are generally controlled by their respective servo motors, so each camshaft can be controlled independently. The cam shaft directly drives the slider, and the master no longer arranges the angular position of the cam piece during the debugging process, and only needs to be familiar with the computer operating system and corresponding programming, thus greatly reducing the difficulty in the debugging process. Because it is controlled separately, it is not necessary for these eight camshafts to move at the same time, which also greatly reduces power consumption. In terms of function, the camless spring machine can meet the production of more complicated metal processing.

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