WeDoctor BBlink releases global strategy for 2019-2023

03-09 海讯社

Driven by AI and big data technology, and guided by discipline construction, WeDoctor BBlink focuses on human life and genetic science to build the full industry chain of reproductive medicine. The five-year global strategic, based on the "connect the world, serve the Chinese", is committed to build the world's largest Internet reproductive hospital, getting through online and offline medical services, as well as domestic and overseas medical services. The three key strategies are building the global brand, establishing global hospitals and integrating global channels.

Joe You, founder, co-chairman and CEO of WeDoctor BBlink said, our reproductive medical platform is dedicated to provide "three bests" to IVF users. That is, the best medical service, the best medical technology and the best cost performance. The full industry chain we have laid out will empower the industry, improve the service efficiency, and standardize the operation process of the industry.

In terms of the global brand, WeDoctor BBlink will continue to expand high quality services and products lines of our company-owned brand BFG (Smiling Mommy). BFG is an international reproductive medical brand, which serve for the Chinese. It integrates global assisted reproductive medical resources, combines oriental humanistic services and western high-precision technology, and creates a diagnosis and treatment mode especially for the Chinese people. It brings fertility hope to Chinese families globally in a legal way.

In terms of the global hospitals, WeDoctor BBlink has invested in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries. WeDoctor BBlink is committed to building the global IVF hospital alliance and integrating the world's top-level medical services and IVF technology.

As for the global channels, WeDoctor BBlink will continue to integrate global high-quality agencies, constantly deepen the cooperation and communication with overseas intermediary service providers, as well as expand the overseas medical service team. WeDoctor BBlink insists on providing users with the most high-quality personalized escort services. Combined with innovative financial derivatives and insurance services, WeDoctor BBlink provides users with one-stop high-end reproductive medical solutions.

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