Chinese Embassy facilitates massive road maintenance


Sierra Leone Government and Chinese Officials at the event in Freetown

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Sierra Leone has collaborated with China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) to embark on major maintenance work in the Spur Loop Community.

The work, which started on Dec. 4, entails major repairs on the road surface, roadside work, potholes and ditches. Wang Xinmin, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone, said that the road had previously been in terrible shape, causing difficulties and inconvenience for locals and road users. He noted that Sierra Leone is developing fast, which requires roads of a certain standard.

Counselor Wang said the event is anchored by CRSG to live up to its corporate social responsibility. He lauded the support of the Freetown City Council and Sierra Leone Roads Authority. “I hope that more people will come on board to develop the community,” Wang remarked. “The neighborhood is a good place for all to develop,” he said.

The project cost over $100,000, and will benefit thousands of residents and visitors.

China’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone Hu Zhangliang described the event as giving back to the community. He added that they are happily living in the city, so wish to take part in developing Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital.

Maintenance work in progress

Ing. Victor Juju Foh underscored the important role played by the Chinese in Sierra Leone’s development and described CRSG as a significant partner in Sierra Leone’s road sector.

Festus Kallay, the Chief Administrator of Freetown City Council, described the road maintenance project as part of their ‘transforming Freetown project.’ He thanked the Chinese Embassy for the development venture and implored them to continue supporting Sierra Leone’s development.

CRSG is keen to support national development and has already embarked on its corporate social responsibilities in several communities across Sierra Leone.

CRSG is a subsidiary of the construction conglomerate, China Railway Group Limited (China Railway Engineering Corporation). In Sierra Leone, the company started work in December 2011 on the Regent to Grafton and Kossor Town road. Other major projects include the construction of the 35 km Makeni-Matotoka highway, the 65 km Bo-Kenema Highway, the 62 km Port Loko-Lungi axis, and major urban thoroughfares, including the Wilkinson Road and Spur Road. 

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