industry aluminium profles Development direction and use


Development direction and use of industry aluminium profles

(1) Aluminum extrusion materials are developing towards large cross-section and complexity

With people’s further understanding of the properties of aluminum alloys, the industrial applications of industry aluminium profles have gradually expanded. The high strength, large aspect ratio, and complex cross sections that are difficult to machine are more and more popular. industry aluminium profles should design and develop products from the perspective of users to achieve professionalism.

(2) The application of industry aluminium profles is developing in depth and precision.

Transportation industry. Used in spare parts for automobiles, air-jet looms, large trucks, large series passenger cars, economic cars, modified cars, and new railway rolling stock.


Electronic information industry. Used for precision aluminum tubes and electronic and electrical housings and radiators for copiers, printers, fax machines, etc., such as signal amplifiers, hard disk boxes, speakers, various controllers, DVD, VCD, MP3, power amplifier panels and hard disks, CPU, Radiators for ballasts and other electronic and electrical components, etc.

 Machinery equipment industry. Various complete sets of power transmission and transformation equipment, communication equipment, large industrial fans, textile machinery and equipment, refrigeration equipment, sewing equipment, general-purpose machine tools and agricultural machinery and equipment such as mining, metallurgy, road construction, water-saving irrigation, and packaging profiles. Packaging profiles for various containers.


Home decoration industry. For furniture, shower rooms, garden tools, sports and leisure equipment and other aluminum alloy bending parts after extrusion. Telescopic tubes for umbrella bones, luggage rods, tripods, flagpoles, etc., aluminum tubes and aluminum rods for cosmetic packaging, pen industry, sanitary ware, and other such as electric heating tubes, lighter aluminum shells, camping tents, lighting, etc. Wait.


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