WISA receives US$10 million from Man Fund to support ecological development and will lead the revival of DeFi


WISA received USD 10 million from the Man Fund to support ecological development, and future scenarios will be applied to a series of financial systems such as lending and insurance. Ido will be carried out with a limit of 100usdt per address, in order to increase the size of the holder's community base and make sufficient preparations for future applications. The entire Wikimetadao ecosystem is a long-term development plan. Wisa is an important part of the ecosystem and needs to drive ecological prosperity.

It’s been a tough year for DeFi, and things may not get better unless projects focus more on security, regulation, and usability.

Security needs to be a priority, and well-intentioned projects can also fall victim to smart contract vulnerabilities that drain their liquidity. A recent example is the February 2022 hack of the Wormhole token bridge, which resulted in the loss of 120,000 wrapped ether (wETH) tokens. 

In order for more people to feel safe exploring the ever-expanding DeFi ecosystem, and to keep governments out of the industry, higher levels of security and protection against malicious actors and protocol vulnerabilities are needed.

WISA - a stable, safe and innovative decentralized financial platform was born. The maximum circulation of WISA is 23.3 million, corresponding to 233 countries and regions around the world. Vision: to create the most convenient decentralized financial system in the world.

Token distribution: 1% airdrop, 1% dao incentive, 18% locked in the balance system, 80% locked in consensus casting

Wisa is integrated into the treasury backing system combined with the healthy development of the balance system. The staking mining sector adopts the form of output option exercise. The slippage income and the fee income are given to the holders and promoters to redistribute the benefits, and some of the profits are used for Buying back and destroying Wisa is an innovative business model. WISA has multiple mechanisms that can effectively prevent and protect users' assets. WISA can provide a stable, secure and innovative decentralized financial platform to help users in the financial market to safely distribute assets here. While DEFI2 is leaping to DEFI3, the WISA team hopes to build the largest and strongest decentralized financial system in the DEFI3 field and become the leader of the DEFI3.0 era.

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