Two things to pay attention to when connecting pvc drainage pipes


Two things to pay attention to when connecting pvc drainage pipes

As the saying goes, "three parts of materials, seven points of installation", as long as it is related to the installation of life and production infrastructure, we must do the installation well, otherwise there will be great troubles in the future life and production. The same is true for pvc drainage pipes. When connecting pvc drainage pipes, manufacturers of pvc drainage pipes should pay attention to the following two items:

1. Saw pipe and bevel

The length of the saw pipe is determined layer by layer according to actual measurement and combined with the size of each connecting pipe. Saw pipe tools should use fine-tooth saws, cutters and pipe cutters. The fracture should be flat and there should be no deformation at the cross section. The part of the socket to be bonded can be filed into a 15o-30o groove with a medium plate file. The groove length is generally not less than 3mm, and the groove thickness should be 1/3-1/2 of the pipe wall thickness. After the bevel is completed, the debris should be removed.


2. Protection of socket interface
After the socket interface of the pvc drainage pipe manufacturer is connected, the extruded adhesive should be wiped clean with cotton yarn or a dry cloth dipped in a little acetone and other cleaning agents. According to the performance of the adhesive and the weather conditions, let it sit until the interface is cured. The curing time should be appropriately extended during winter construction.

The drainage pipe connection work must be perfect, otherwise the pipe will crack during use, and the water leakage will be out of control. After the foundation is completed, it must be checked whether it is perfect, and production and life will go smoothly.


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