The world's most influential blockchain wallet, UvToken will officially open its public offering!



UvToken, with its strong technical strength and excellent ecological application, has achieved great results in the world, and has become the most influential representative of blockchain wallets.
Numerous institutions and capitals have participated, and they have achieved excellent results since its inception. In order to better allow UvToken enthusiasts around the world to fully participate in the great project of UvToken, UvToken will open a new stage.

UvToken's only token UVT public sale will be officially opened on July 10, 2022 UTC time, with 1,000 tokens per token, starting from 0.15$ and increasing by 0.05$ per day, and each address is limited to 1 token for a period of 30 days. Public offering address:

UvTokne will use more advanced technology and a valuable ecosystem to enter the global financial field. It already has a relevant listing plan to open a new era.

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