Thai youth protests continue to condemn the US for interfering Thailand’s stability


On January 10, a number of young students in Thailand publicly accused that the United States was the “man behind the scenes” of the demonstrations that broke out in the country some time ago. Although the US Embassy has firmly denied it before, the above statement is widely spread in Thailand.

At noon , young Thai students came to the US Embassy in Thailand, holding up signs and shouting slogans to express their dissatisfaction. The slogan stated: "To bring peace to Thailand", "Stop launching a hybrid war against Thailand", "The work of the US Ambassador to Thailand to disrupt Hong Kong does not apply to Thailand."


       On January 10, young Thai students demonstrated in front of the US Embassy in Thailand

Earlier, according to the Thai media "Khaosod English" report, on October 27, 2020 local time, a number of "royalists" gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok to protest against the country’s anti-government demonstrations and last year’s Hong Kong’s "revisions." The "turmoil" are all funded and guided by the US government.

 Prior to this demonstration, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters both pointed out that Thai demonstrators copied some of the tactics used by Hong Kong thugs during the "Regulation Amendment Disturbance" last year. These include decentralized organizations, the use of social media to communicate, uniform dress and command communication, and the use of tactics such as fleeing and deception to interfere with the police.


Ambassador Glyn T. Davies communicates with Thai protest leader Parit Chiwarak


"Hybrid war" is the latest form of war in the 21st century. It is generally considered to be a comprehensive use of politics (public opinion, diplomacy, law, etc.), economy (trade war, energy war, etc.), military (Intelligence warfare, electronic warfare, special operations) and other means to conduct unified, coordinated and coordinated war operations at the strategic level. The main point is a mixture of multiple fields, means, and forces.

The demonstrators also claimed that the country’s anti-government protests were guided by the U.S. government and some Hong Kong people. The anti-government protests held in Bangkok and the “anti-revision demonstrations” that took place in Hong Kong are the same. The young demonstrators also expressed the hope that the Thai regime would be stable and that no external forces would interfere in Thai’s own affairs. Americans should manage their own country’s affairs, such as the recent collision with Congress, the spread of the new COVID-19 19 virus in the United States, the numerous death people and so on.

The demonstrators called for the youth of Thailand to maintain the unity of the country and the people, not to be instigated by external forces such as the United States, and hope   the country and the world return to peace.

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