PCB Laser Marking Machine Promotes the Good Development of Electronic Industry


With the continuous development of China's 3C electronic industry, the rise of electronic terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, and the shift of the focus of the global mobile telecommunications market and other electronic industries from the western market to the Asian market, all have a strong pulling effect on China's PCB. In this process, PCB laser marking machine promotes the electronic industry all the way forward.

PCB is one of the important components of the electronic industry. The industrial output value accounts for about one quarter of the total output value of electronic components, and accounts for the largest proportion in each electronic component subdivision industry. The advent of 5g era also puts forward higher requirements for the R & D, production and management capabilities of PCB enterprises. Enterprises must provide more cost-effective products to the market at a faster speed, and improving the traceability efficiency of product management has become a key link.

As the "mother of electronic products", PCB has a wide range of applications. With the intelligent development of the electronic industry, the number of layers of PCB is more and more, smaller and thinner, more and more electronic components are accommodated, and there are higher requirements for processing precision. PCB laser marking machine technology is widely used in PCB processing because of its unique advantages.

In order to better control the product quality, relevant production information needs to be recorded to facilitate the whole process traceability and quality control of electronic products. The product internal structure PCB marking information needs to be clear, and in production, it should improve productivity, reduce cost, reduce pollution, and adapt to the development of multi variety and small batch production. In order to better realize the control of many PCB boards in the product production process, marking information on PCB boards, such as production batch, character, bar code and other information, has become the development trend of the industry. As a high-tech means of marking processing, laser marking processing has incomparable advantages over traditional processing methods. Different from traditional processing methods, laser processing is a marking method that uses high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, vaporize the surface material or produce chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave permanent marks.

PCB laser marking machine can print all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns, and the character size can range from millimeter to micron. This can effectively prevent counterfeiting of products. For the current PCB industry, it is undoubtedly one of the best processing solutions. Whether it is fine processing, processing efficiency and processing effect, it fully meets the needs of PCB marking processing.

In this way, PCB laser marking machine, as one of the industrial laser equipment, has played an important role in the development of PCB industry. Laser marking machine combines laser marking technology with computer. Using the current computer software control system, it can not only mark two-dimensional codes on metal and non-metal materials, but also customize and personalize various characters, product numbers, bar codes, serial numbers, production dates, patterns, logos and some special signs.

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