Ontology Gold ONTC-building a commercial credit platform based on blockchain


As a weaker party in the industrial chain, SMEs have long faced difficulties in financing and expensive financing. To solve the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, we need to vigorously develop supply chain finance, and its core is to let commercial credit flow. However, restricted by objective factors such as frequent fraud risks, single financing channels, and poor cooperation with core companies, commercial credit circulation is in trouble.


The emergence of Ontology Cash is expected to solve the current business credit problems of enterprises through blockchain technology. Ontology Cash is a business created by blockchain technology that combines cross-chain technology and AI big data artificial intelligence processing performance. Trust the ecological platform.


Ontology starts with commercial credit transfer and big data, improves infrastructure construction through blockchain technology, builds a commercial credit transfer transaction service platform, integrates the advantages of local industries, local finance, data and other parties, and integrates corporate business data, transaction data and The combination of blockchain will create a financial service system based on credit data for the on-chain enterprises, and gradually develop credit data as the core.


As of now, ONTC's self-developed mortgage smart contract technology can be connected with commercial mortgages, lending, payment, leasing, credit system construction and other application scenarios.

As an emerging industry, blockchain is leading the economic development and changes in this era. The birth of ONTC body gold is a great initiative to adapt to the development of the times. With the continuous extension of ONTC's Ontology Gold application ecosystem, it will create a model for blockchain landing cooperation, integrate blockchain resources around the world, and thus build global digital economic security and blockchain business credit, reach industry consensus, and promote all The healthy and sustainable development of the world blockchain industry ecology.

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