Nongfu Spring Makes its First Foray into the Soda Water Category with the New Flavor of SODA


Recent years have seen a rapid growth of the number of soda brands in the domestic market, which has topped hundreds at the moment. But generally speaking, due to the late start of the soda market, there is low overall brand awareness of soda drink, relatively scattered market competition pattern and no leading brand in this field. The expansion of the whole-category strategy of Nongfu Spring has been further accelerated, with product offerings ranging from plant-based yogurt, Tan Bing Coffee range, Natural mineral water containing lithium, refrigerated NFC juice, 50% medium to high concentration fruit juice and more. Beyond that, Nongfu Spring unveils a new product and takes the plunge into the soda market.

In April 1st, 2021, Nongfu Spring announced SODA on its official WeChat account. It is reported that the Developers of Nongfu Spring studied various kinds of flavors to better deliver a rich  soda drinking experience for consumers, and finally found the special Hyūga summer orange flavor. This new launch which takes Nongfu Spring two years to work out the formula, takes "soda and bubble refresh and brighten your day as the product slogan and features refreshing, healthy and burden free. Different from ordinary sparkling water on the market, soda sparking water focuses on the concept of "0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 fat and 0 potassium sorbate", and enables the product to be "0 potassium sorbate" through the technical advantages of sterile production line.

As for the external packaging design, the Hyūga summer orange flavor of Nongfu Spring soda sparkling water adopts the image of the golden color fruit, which is like holding a little sun in hand, and brings you the "yearning summer" flavor in memory even in cold winter. It fits in with all scenarios, whether it's a square meal, a night barbecue, seafood, a daily street drink, or before or after sports. The unique product has won young peoples heart once again for Nongfu Spring.

From puried water to natural water, and to natural mineral water, what behind the water quality upgrading is higher expectations for health. As for consumption scenarios, soda water is not only designed for wine mixing, but also suitable for drinking after alcohol intake, daily meals and sports... healthy consumption demand and diversified consumption scenarios are embracing huge business opportunities. In this context, as a sub soda category featuring health, soda drink is appealing to and sought after by an increasing number of consumers, and is rapidly emerging as a force to be reckoned with. Nongfu Spring brings the soda water market with a product meeting current demand. With an insight into the long-term development route and value of this category, this new product is expected to accelerate its development speed along with the growth of the market and become one of the main forces in the market.

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