Nongfu Spring Lays out a Diversified Product Matrix As Various Drinks Keep on Developing


According to the Frost & Sullivan report, since 2012, Nongfu Spring maintained the number one market share of China's packaged drinking water market for eight consecutive years. In 2019, Nongfu Spring ranked among the top three in the Chinese market for tea beverages, functional beverages and juice beverages. What it has achieved is closely tied to its spirit of enterprising and  solid work. It not only doubles its efforts in natural water market, but also endeavors to develop and innovate in the field of beverage. As such, the products launched by Nongfu Spring keep attracting an increasing number of customers.

When it comes to Nongfu Spring, consumers will unconsciously think of the classic bottled drinking natural water with red caps. In fact, the main products of Nongfu Spring also include tea drinks, functional drinks, juice drinks, etc. Oriental Leaf, Tea π, Scream, Victory Vitamin Water, Farmer's Orchard, Water Soluble C100 and NFC Juice, all of them are hit products all the rage at the time. The sales of Nongfu Spring topped 24 billion in 2019, with drinking water and beverages accounting for about 60% and 40% respectively.

In the summer of 2008, Nongfu Spring launched a new drink named Water Soluble C100, taking the lead in creating a new lemon beverage category to supplement vitamin C in the Chinese market. As a front runner, Water Soluble C100 became a hit product in the market. Only half a year after its introduction, the sales volume of Nongfu Spring Water Soluble C100 reached 100 million yuan. In 2016, Nongfu Spring Tea π came into the market. Thanks to the the artistic packaging style and the super icon group endorsement, Water Soluble C100 became the synonym of hit product in 2016, with a sales volume of 1 billion yuan in less than one year. In 2017, the sales of Nongfu Spring Victory Vitamin Water skyrocketed by sponsoring entertainment programs and inviting celebrities to speak for the products. Its sales in e-commerce platform increased by 3000% month on month. In the spring of 2018, Nongfu Spring Victory Vitamin Water became a hit product as it sponsored Idol Producer. In early July of the same year, Nongfu Spring Victory Vitamin Water launched Bottle of Idol with a new new packaging design, which was hugely popular among followers of the entertainment program. In the same year, Nongfu Spring Water Soluble C100 renewed its product spokespersons. Fans used two words to express their support, that is, buy it!

Farmer's Orchard is a mixed juice drink with a more mellow taste. Water Soluble C100 represents a vitamin fruit juice drink rich in vitamin C. The unique packaging of Scream sets the trend of buying. From these we can see that Nongfu Spring is always acting as a bellwether in leading the healthy and fashion trend while keeping extending its product lines. It is not difficult to see that the innovative and differentiated products of Nongfu Spring enjoy distinctive characteristics and at the same time, lead a new fashion in society.

Nongfu Spring has always been a front runner in the sub category tracks. It dares to make all kinds of attempts in a vigorous and resolute way. It makes unremitting efforts to innovate products, which we can see from what it has done for glass bottled natural mineral water, NFC Juice, Tea π and other well-received drinks. Apart from these, it has increased the juice content of Farmer’s Orchard to 50%, replaced the bottle design of Screams, and launched new products such as plant-based yogurt and ready-to-drink coffee.

Excellent brand image, high-quality products and first-class marketing ability stand as crucial competitive advantages of Nongfu Spring. With the rise of the healthy concept in recent years, the expansion of major beverage scenarios will bring great potential to the sales growth of Nongfu Spring. Product diversification, high-end feature, as well as the deep rooted "natural and healthy" product concept also provide a solid foundation for further high profit margin.

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