Monster Simmons enters the digital currency market

03-05 Defi speaker

Simmons has a personal net worth of US$8.5 billion and was ranked 80th on the 2010 Forbes Global Billionaires rankings. He was named the smartest billionaire on the planet by the Financial Times.

His quantitative trading strategy has been proven to be the most feasible, so that it has become popular in the stock, fund, and foreign exchange markets.

Bitcoin soars to more than 58,000 U.S. dollars in 2021, driving the entire digital currency market to surging, and quantification will be a wealth management outlet.

According to reliable sources, the Monster Simmons quantitative trading strategy will enter the digital currency market in March 2021. The mature Simmons strategy will be the promoter of the digital currency market, and the stability stone will be your best choice for financial management.

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