How to control the cost of container house


The emergence of container houses helped many people who could not afford or rent commercial houses to solve their daily housing problems, and its high quality and low price advantages made it quickly occupy the market. Many people will be curious about where they will be used. In fact, there are many applications, such as newsstands and breakfast carts on city street corners, and many of them are beautifully decorated with container houses, and most construction sites in China will also use it as a temporary resting place. Its internal structure is not very different from commercial housing, so how does the container house control the cost?


I believe that everyone knows that the construction of commercial housing requires a lot of raw materials such as cement and steel bars, plus a lot of manpower and machinery. The high cost of early investment leads to high prices of commercial housing, but even large-scale container houses are not. It requires large-scale construction of civil engineering land, which can be quickly designed and completed and the labor cost is relatively low. This makes the initial investment cost of building a container house relatively small, and the later sales price will not be too high.

The quality of the parts and welding materials of the container house will largely affect its overall price. If it is not a standard house structure, the selection of its fasteners and auxiliary components is relatively tight, but the designer should reasonably The layout can reduce the use of hardware without reducing the performance of the container house, which can also form a price advantage to a certain extent.

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