How to choose a vacuum table?


Because the platform of the UV inkjet printer is aluminum, which is relatively soft compared to other materials, and the platform of the UV inkjet printer wants to absorb the material, the suction must be large, but whether the aluminum platform can withstand the fan for such a long time The long-term use without deformation depends on the structure and quality of the vacuum table. The vacuum table of the UV flatbed printer is made of aluminum alloy.

However, the structure and materials (quality) of the vacuum table of each UV inkjet printer are different. The most basic ones are hollow, honeycomb, carbonized tin-plated reinforcement, and honeycomb carbonized zinc-plated reinforcement.

The hollow adsorption platform is easy to collapse locally under the condition of year-round use; everyone who knows this UV printer knows that UV printers are inkjet type, and the distance between the nozzle of the UV printer and the substance is limited. This limitation will affect the printing effect. Once the platform collapses, the printed effect of the collapsed part may not be so satisfactory.


And because the vacuum suction table is bright silver, it is easy to cause reflection of UV light rays, and the ink used in the nozzle is UV ink. When the UV light reflecting nozzle is used for a long time, it will easily cause the nozzle to block and break the ink. Features: bright silver, Easily broken, it is softer than the glass platform.

The honeycomb vacuum suction table, because of the honeycomb metal gasket inside, is more stable than the hollow platform, but due to the reflection problem, it is suitable for use on non-UV inkjet printers; features: silver bright color, sturdiness, honeycomb can be seen through the suction hole Gasket.

The adsorption platform reinforced by carbonized tin plating, because after carbonized galvanized, the surface layer is dark gray or dark black; the surface of the platform is very strong, generally not scratched with a knife, but once deformed, it cannot be restored; features: dark gray ( Dark black), the knife is not flowery, hard;

The honeycomb carbonized galvanized and reinforced vacuum suction table is currently the strongest; features: dark gray (dark black), sturdiness, no need to hang the knife, honeycomb gaskets can be seen in the suction holes.


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