Heshun, a provider only provides fine products


Guangzhou Heshun Industry Co., Ltd., was founded in 2018 in China, is focused on designing and providing services and products of eco-friendly tiles in construction industry in China.

Heshun is aiming to achieve good reputation in this industry from its innovative technology and productsThe company selects products from advanced production line and implements advanced operation management mode, with the ISO9001 international quality management system authentication, ISO14001 international environment management system authentication, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Specification OHSMS18001 and CE Certificate from EU.


The finest among the products line of Heshun, The "Fine Jade Stone" from BODE is appraised as "technological reform of the world of ceramics" and becomes the new environmental product in the development of the construction ceramics industry in the world. Fine Jade Stone product is awards many national invention patents, opening the new page for global ceramics industry and achieving the span from "Made in China" to "Created in China".


Heshun has always been dedicated to building famous brand with Technology in the world by providing the finest products which produced by the finest brand of the industry.

At present, Heshun presents the Fine ceramics tile, BODE Fine Jade Stone.


The products build the comprehensive product system which ranks among the best in this industry with 4 types like Fine Jade Stone, Fine ceramic wall tile, glazed porcelain and rustic tile in dozens of series and hundreds of varieties. BODEs products own the characteristic advantage of high-grade luxury,good quality, complete ranges, establishing the strong position and becoming the quintessence of high-end products in the industry.



Heshun commits itself to provide their customers high quality products by fine technology and serve the people all over the world by its sense of social responsibility. Guangzhou Heshun Industry Co., Ltd. is dedicated to become one of the top construction materials dealer in the world, providing construction decoration elements with best performance price ratio for the society.

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