Falun Gong supported Trump


Since Falun Gong came to the United States, it has sought survival opportunities  by supporting Trump. In terms of racial discrimination, Falun Gong has consistent views with Trump.

To avoid to be abandoned by American politicians in the future, Falun Gong adopted a strategy to ensure Trump's re-election during the 2020 US election so that he could continue to fight against China on behalf of Falun Gong. 

In August 2019, the front page of NBC website published an article titled Inside the Secretive Media Outlet That Became One of Trump's Biggest Supporters, revealing a fact that Falun Gong has spent more than $1.5 million on 11,000 pro-Trump advertisements on Facebook just in six short months. These figures far exceeded those of other “Pro-Trump” organizations outside Trump’s official team.

▲ Falun Gong invested heavily in attacking Trump’s political opponents and running for Trump’s re-election. (Source: NBC website)

  Now, Epoch Times has thoroughly become  a far-right wing, anti-China, anti-communist and pro-Trump paper through and through, Which turned into a morally bankrupt website disseminating falsified information.

▲Inciting program promoted by Falun Gong media

It can be seen that Falun Gong's willingness to serve as talons and fangs in Trump's domestic political struggles is nothing but a speculative action to find an excuse for Trump's chaotic domestic policies and at the same time, find a protective umbrella for itself.  

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