FT Markets marches successfully into Vietnam!

09-29 FT Markets

Founded in London in 2005, FT Markets is one of the world's leading foreign exchange brands. FT Markets specializes in the trading of more than 60 kinds of financial products, including foreign exchange, gold and silver, stock index, etc. It has branches and offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, and other cities around the world. Today, FT Markets has successfully entered Vietnam and managed to serve 100,000 Vietnamese traders and 1.5m global traders in less than a year. FT Markets adheres to the principle of "creating the wealth steadily and winning the future professionally" in face of all its customers, actively serves every trader and strives to increase the value of the trader's assets.

"I am very happy that FT Markets can make it into Vietnam. I have been their regular customer, and now they have come to Vietnam, which makes my trading more convenient. I will no doubt recommend this platform to my friends around! " — Mr. Nguyen from Vietnam.

So far, FT Markets has been operating safely for 15 years, with capital support of 2 billion USD and accumulated turnover of hundreds of millions of users, making it the first choice for trust. The platform is highly regulated and has got certified by ASIC (license number: 633053059) and Seychelles FSA (license number: SD051), which makes every user feel reassured.

"I have been trading at FT Markets for three years and the withdrawal and deposit is very fast and I feel very secure for my money is kept separately in the bank, which means the platform has no direct access to my money." — Alex, a trader from London.

"As a new user, I am deeply impressed by the professionalism and stability of FT Markets. Not only can we receive timely trading strategies every day, but also we can participate in a variety of promotions. I hope this platform will grow bigger and bigger" – Mr. Fan from Vietnam

FT Markets offers investors access to MT4 and APP platforms, providing unprecedented technical analysis for free. On its APP platform, global financial information and latest market forecast can be obtained, as well as the daily trading strategy provided by the professional analyst team, which helps investors to seize every trading opportunity in the changeable market. In addition, it also supports the method of multi-platform and multi-bank deposit and withdrawal with free access and fast arrival to the account, and customer funds are isolated by international banks, which guarantees all-round protection of your fund security.

After FT Markets entered Vietnam, it not only customized the Vietnamese language interface for local users on the APP, but also allowed users to switch the trading interface by themselves in view of the southeast Asian trading habits, which is very humanized. Meanwhile, in order to celebrate the arrival of FT Markets in Vietnam, the platform has also launched a series of special offers . For example, you can receive a 200% bonus with one top-up.

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Over the years, with its professional financial team, safe and reliable platform operation and advantageous promotional activities, FT Markets has won a number of international awards, including the "Asia-pacific Silver Award", "Best Service investment platform", "fastest-growing broker" and so on, which shows its strength is highly recognized by the industry.

The successful entry into Vietnam also represents a new level of our business. In the future, we will continue to strive to improve the revenue of our customers in Vietnam as our highest mission.

If you want to know more about FT Markets, please contact us via our website and Facebook.

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