Drink Water Whenever and Wherever Possible with TakeToday Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle


As the working pace of people constantly increases, relaxing outdoors during holidays has become one of the healthy lifestyles of people. An outdoor enthusiast needs to carry a water bottle with a big capacity to meet their water drinking demands each time when he/she goes out. However, the common water bottles with a big capacity in the market occupy space and are not convenient to carry, which is a difficult problem for them. As a brand whose mission is to meet the needs for comfort and convenience at home and in travel of users, after 494 days of creation with originality, TakeToday has launched the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.


More comfortable to carry

Some people don’t want to carry a water bottle with them when they go out often because they think that it is troublesome. The water bottle occupies space in the bag. Each time when you drink water, you have to take it out and put it back... As a water bottle with a big capacity focusing on outdoor sports, the most obvious difference between the TakeToday Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle and water bottles with a big capacity in the market is that it is foldable. After being folded, its volume is less than 1/3 of the previous and it can save up to 68.5% of space. Besides, the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle is also equipped with a textured strap and a colorful paracord handle. The Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle can be carried on the back or carried in hands. It not only has a good appearance, but also is suitable for outdoor travel, fitness, yoga, camping, hiking, and other scenes. Consumers do not have to worry about the trouble of carrying a water bottle when they travel outdoors. With Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle, it is more comfortable to go out.

More comfortable to use

The clear scales and the motivational quotes on the body of the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle always remind users to drink water and develop healthy drinking habits. In addition,the original drinking method of the dual-purpose mouth of the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle is special . Its bottle mouth design allows users to switch between sucking through the soft nozzle and direct drinking at any time. This design is also certified by the USPTO(UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE). We can see that the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle is very considerate.

Less resource consumption

The material of the Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle is also very good. Most water bottles in the market are made of PP/ABS and other materials. TakeToday selects the silicone material worldwide and finally selects the food-grade silicone of ShinEtsu from Japan for the cup body. This is the special material for pacifiers from a first-line Japanese maternal and infant brand. It is safe, non-toxic, resistant to breaking down, and durable. At the same time, it is also healthy and environment-friendly. It has obtained the double certifications of FDA and BPA. In the last 17 years, TakeToday has always considered being healthy and environment-friendly as the top priority of R&D and production. Chubby Collapsible Water Bottle has a big capacity and can be reused, which implements the brand slogan of “Ease for Life”, and has become an environment-friendly choice for more outdoor enthusiasts.

TakeToday will launch more household and outdoor articles of daily use to create a green, comfortable, and convenient life for users.

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