DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire : The most correct way to open the myth of becoming rich



The DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire has surpassed all blockchain projects in the past 10 years in terms of economic model, technology and ecological layout. It is an unprecedented large-scale social experiment project , and the use of inclusive virtual financial products to try to eliminate the inequality of the world has become a new trend for mankind. Another beginning of new financial capital , to achieve new heights of value , new widths of applications, and new depths of development to become wealthy upstarts and create a top unicorn metaverse .


With the advent of the metaverse era , more venture capitalists have participated in this cutting-edge technology known as the "next-generation Internet", which will mean the beginning of a new era , allowing more people to have the opportunity to participate in the development brought about by the great changes of the times. dividend. Among them, the DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire is the most likely star unicorn project among the many metaverse projects, because DMD has surpassed all blockchain projects in the past 10 years in terms of economic model, technology and ecological layout .

At the same time, DMD develops technology applications based on the most advanced blockchain bottom layer, uses a scientifically balanced ecosystem , and possesses innovative project genes and financial investment attributes. ! Let's talk about the advantages of DMD in detail.

1. About DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire

DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire is a MetaFi metaverse ecological platform for the pan-jewelry ecological field. It integrates DeFi, NFT, socialfi, GameFi, and DAO. It has rich metaverse jewelry ecological aggregation functions. The most fissionable, evolvable, highest digital biological trait. Its ecological applications include DMD Diamond Manor , NFT Trading , Metaverse Jewelry Space , Chain Game GameFi Platform , Revenue Aggregator , DMD Smart Swap and other ecosystems. In the future, it will focus on developing the Metaverse virtual real estate ecosystem. 

At the same time, DMD has an unparalleled team background. DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire is jointly launched by DMD Diamond Labs, BUCCELLATI, De Beers, Asprey, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Chaumet, five top jewelry brands in the world.

These 5 top jewelry brands not only represent the strength of DMD, but also mean that DMD will have sufficient discourse power and attention in the field of high-end jewelry in the future. unlimited.

2. DMD Value Potential and Opportunities

DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire is an excellent opportunity for Diaosi to counterattack in a thousand years! In the real world, 95% of the world's wealth is in the hands of 1%, such as royal families, dignitaries, Internet giants, elites in various fields, etc.! The users who participated in the Diamond Ecology in the early stage will have the opportunity to become the new wealthy nobles in the metaverse world, subvert and pierce the class, and enter the rich class who master 95% of the digital assets in the metaverse world. This is also the original intention of the birth of the DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire.


Why DMD can turn the fate of ordinary people mainly depends on the link of "token income". DMD is a pure community-based consensus operation platform, especially the users who participate in IDO, that is, it has formed an ecological value co-construction system in which IDO is a node, and a node is a participant. Value realization and creation process. The reason behind it is that it is supported by DMD 's high-quality productivity system : the most advanced underlying public chain technology application + capital + predictable commercial application realization ability of blockchain .

  1. The most advanced underlying public chain technology application of blockchain : Metaverse+DeFi+NFT+WEB3.0+DAO+

Game Fi+Swap

2. Capital : BUCCELLATI, De Beers, Asprey, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chaumet are jointly initiated by five top jewelry brands in the world.

3. Predictable commercial application realization ability : 3D overclocking ladder + overclocking consensus contract + IDO node + NFT card rights + lucky pool + DMD ten million-level currency address creation + nine deflationary models for ultimate destruction

Coupled with the scientifically balanced and upward production relations : the more you work , the more you get, the more you pay, the more the income grows geometrically - the multiplication mechanism of node, reproduction, and fission science .


3. DMD investment value logic

With the continuous evolution of the traditional financial market, the so-called professional requirements for investors have been increasing day by day, but their efforts and rewards are often not proportional , or even inversely proportional. And the traditional financial market has largely been unable to meet the needs of human nature to pursue stable and rapid wealth growth . It seems that there will never be an intersection between the material desires of real life and the traditional financial world. Consume one's own wealth hope, and get more life disappointment.

Diamond Metaverse Empire, he can be the flame of hope burning hope, with fiery enthusiasm, warm the already cold heart. It can be the power of vigorous fighting spirit. With sincere help and support, it can change your destiny on the journey. It can be the star that illuminates the front, leading you from darkness to dawn with clean light. It can be a ripe fruit, given with great love, so that busy people can reap the sweet rain from DMD , and its DMD value system has

1. The original "3D Overclocking Ladder" model, creating a top unicorn brand with ingenuity

2. DMD has a very low issue price, and the appreciation space is large and fast, such as the launch of a rocket

3. Under the effect of the "three-dimensional overclocking ladder", the currency holding address suddenly increased to tens of millions, which stimulated the endless growth of the secondary market.

4. Original lucky pool, feel the lucky wealth opportunities brought by the upgrading of the economic system

5. Ten deflation mechanisms, endless deflation is infinitely beneficial to the development of market value

6. The team has been forging the industry for ten years, accumulating strength in hundreds of communities, accumulating tens of millions of traffic, and committing to common achievements

7. Three-dimensional overclocking is a nine-layer ladder, which is progressive. Every round needs to buy and destroy DMD in the secondary market, forming a virtuous circle and scarce market supply .

DMD depends on the relationship between supply and demand , mainly the state of supply and demand + price measurement mechanism . Therefore , 9 major destruction mechanisms are designed on the deflationary supply model to ensure the scarcity of DMD and the relationship between supply and demand, thereby driving the double increase of market value and price, and creating a deflationary model. Achieve solid long-term growth. Its destruction mechanism includes:

1. The DMD corresponding to the cards that have not been given away before going online will be destroyed.

2. Actively destroy 10% of the DMD in the nine-tier ladder upgrade task

3. Sell and destroy 20% of DMD (80% into the DMD pool, 20% destroyed)

4. 5% transfer fee will be destroyed

5. 1% handling fee for repurchase and destruction

6. Eco-level upgrade and destruction

7. Go to 0 and plan to destroy: every time a 0 is removed, the contract will automatically destroy 10% of the remaining part of the total amount

8. The DMD Labs Foundation will be released and partially destroyed

9. Contribution and destruction of ecological overclocking consensus

The world of DMD Diamond Metaverse Empire should not repeat the mistakes of the past, but should look to the future and open up a new world that can truly cross national borders and connect collective trust. In the new world of DMD , we will not become slaves of money. We can transcend all lies and clearly see that all our efforts will be rewarded with equal value, and we will master the value of being born again.

At the same time, DMD provides each participant with the opportunity to truly change their destiny, stimulates the energy of unlimited potential to break the class, and enables everyone to turn the tide against the wind and reach the pinnacle of life to become a high-net-worth group. Joining DMD is the most correct way to become the myth of getting rich!

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