Close is Changing the World’s DEX Experience

09-17 is a new revolutionary DEX launching on Binance Smart Chain that has an aggregate of functions that other DEXs are lacking. also has gotten the tokenomics right which a lot of other DEXs have failed to do and has mixed sound tokenomics, increased DEX functionality and an upcoming fair launch to set a new bar for excellence amongst decentralized exchanges. is working to not just be another protocol or DEX but also an ecosystem that the blockchain sector has never seen before.

The progress and innovation that’s developers have dreamt up and put into motion include a useful protocol that not only traders  or miners can utilize and enjoy but also has other functions. The interface is beautiful but is also easy to use and the functionality is second to none.

The supernode NFT alone is one reason for participants to check out but there’s a number of reasons.

What else is doing? Let’s look at the list:

Decentralized financial ecosystem






When you mix all of the functionality that will provide users and a sound economic policy that is based on a fair launch the results will be an inclusive project that everyone can join at the same time. This is the proper way to launch a DEX and’s COIN will be launched in this way on Binance Smart Chain. Everyone will have the same opportunity to use this protocol and it’s native token COIN.

Over the coming weeks more will be released on and the increased functionality that DEXs will have to provide to compete with in the future.

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