CER Global Carbon warrants will soon launch a pilot scheme for trading carbon options


The CER team has announced that the foundation is working closely with internationally renowned technology researchers and financial experts to launch the CERs carbon option trading pilot program in Q3 2022, which will greatly promote the long-term development of the CER ecosystem.

CER, as a specific term for emission reduction certified by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the JINGdong Protocol, refers to the greenhouse gas emission reduction verified by designated Operating Entity (DOE) issued by the Executive Council of the United Nations (EB) to enterprises implementing CDM projects. CER emission reduction indicators can only be traded on the international carbon market after they are issued by the United Nations. 

CERs, as one of the large-scale intelligent ecosystem of CER carbon credits circulation application, is a European maturity option financial derivative product based on artificial intelligence and CER public chain application. CERs is an open source project to promote cross-industry application and service of blockchain underlying technology globally through CER super ledger. In particular, it will guide and explore the huge potential of blockchain technology in solving problems such as carbon credit management and carbon metering. At the same time, blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence and other high-tech technologies will be used to build a citation system with fully credible identification, and to build a global carbon credits circulation application service platform.

The CER team consists of reputable developers with successful project experience, experienced operators and experts who have been immersed in the target industry for many years. The CER team is a team that focuses on the foundation and implementation of applications in the blockchain industry. Currently, there are more than 70 blockchain research, technology and business teams. With the development of CER and the increase of the application market share, the foundation will be open to attracting talents who are willing to contribute to the community.

CER Ecology's global only decentralized trading system for carbon rights, CDex, will also be put into use. The CER network itself supports decentralized exchange, with trading pairs (denoted as "exchanges") being markets between CER-30 tokens or between CER tokens and BID. Any account can create trading pairs between any token, even if the same trading pairs already exist on the CER network. The CER network specifies that the two tokens in all trading pairs are equally weighted, and therefore they are equally weighted. This will not only provide great mobility for the financial ecosystem of CER applications, but will also provide a new boost to the crypto world.

The CER team will continue to enrich and improve the experience in the global carbon trading market, and users will gain additional storage rewards supported by the underlying technology of the new data storage infrastructure.

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