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2020 is a year of coexistence of opportunities and changes. In this year, the COVID-19 epidemic quickly swept the world.  Countries around the world are shrouded in the shadow of the virus. Both personal life and corporate development ecology have undergone earth-shaking changes. Global business development has never been closely linked by the Internet.

The blockchain industry has also undergone major changes unseen in the past decade: Bitcoin's third halving has been completed, distributed storage DSN has developed vigorously, and decentralized financial DeFi has exploded.

Whether it is the mature development of distributed storage DSN or the skyrocketing of DeFi, these undoubtedly imply that after ten years of exploration, the blockchain is gradually turning away from the virtual and becoming real, and enterprise applications and commercial landing have become the new direction and new normal of future development.  .

Under this change, AISWAP has grasped the trend, is committed to creating a new open DeFi ecosystem in the new era of blockchain, and promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of global small and medium enterprises.

Under the changing circumstances, enterprisesdigital transformation and upgrading is urgent

In this year's variableenvironment , the wave of digital transformation and the sudden epidemic constitute a double change. Enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have reached an unprecedented level of demand for digital transformation.

According to statistics from Deloitte, a world-renowned consulting and auditing agency, the overall digital transformation of Chinese companies is still in its infancy. Currently, more than 90% of companies have internal data islands, and about 80% of companies do not recognize their data mining capabilities.  In addition, according to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, currently only 25% of Chinese companies have carried out digital transformation, far below 46% in Europe and 54% in the United States.

It is due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other technologies, the digital transformation of enterprises is no longer a matter of choice, but the key to whether an enterprise can survive.

However, in the process of digital transformation and upgrading of most companies, there are still problems such as lack of methodology, weak accumulation of data assets, insufficient supply of core digital technology and third-party services, obvious digital divide, and low level of industrial coordination.

Industrial upgrading urgently needs a complete set of third-party underlying service systems and infrastructure to provide targeted solutions.

AISWAP: Open enterprise-level public chain came into being

Aiming at the various pain points encountered by traditional traditional enterprises in the process of digital transformation and upgrading, AISWAP has proposed its own solution: to create an AIS open enterprise-level super public chain system.

AISWAP will build a decentralized commercial public chain, based on this public chain to build a high-quality project transaction management and trading platform for listed company equity, focusing on solving transparency and professional issues in various application-related fields.

Its vision is based on the AIS main chain as the core, pulling multiple sub-chains, and through the decentralization, non-tampering, smart contract and other characteristics of the blockchain, it fundamentally provides for the company’s on-chain accounting, stock tokenization,  Auditing and logistics enable the company to have a better stable business management and better circulation of Token.

Through blockchain technology, AISWAP helps companies store data on the chain, and at the same time use smart contract technology to achieve authenticity and traceability of transaction information, improve the efficiency of the confirmation, circulation, and financing of accounts receivable, and improve corporate risk management effectiveness.

AISWAP allows the world to have no difficult assets to invest and no difficult to trade equity to help companies build a full ecosystem of digital assets.

AISWAP: The underlying blockchain technology builds the cornerstone of digital transformation

In order to achieve this goal, AISWAP has applied and improved the four major blockchain technologies as its core power.

AIS underlying blockchain architecture: The AIS underlying blockchain architecture adopts open protocols, which will allow enterprises to apply multiple commercial modules to achieve one-click Dapp publishing, reducing the barriers for enterprises to access the blockchain.  AIS Dapp will be an open source React application or JavaScript application. It will interact with the Ethereum network, IPFS network, and index server to provide a friendly smart contract interface for companies to provide internal fund issuance, capital allocation,  subscription, dividends and other functions.

AIS side chain technology: other audited side chains of AIS can apply to develop the underlying technology blockchain of the side chain on the public chain. A consensus mechanism based on DPOS+POW is adopted, and transaction requests are passed through the voting mechanism. The level of TPS can thus confirm the transaction within a few seconds and realize cross-border real-time clearing.

AIS market maker and bridge currency technology: AIS introduces a market maker mechanism and uses AIS as a bridge currency to support virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, as well as multi-currency cross-border payments in legal currencies such as US dollars, Euros, and RMB.  At the same time, AIS is used as a medium for cross-border legal currency transfer and payment between banks. Business data such as asset transactions, payments and transfers between cross-border banks are all uploaded to the AIS network. AIS tokens can be used as data and account books to record, transmit and clear.  The medium realizes the real-time synchronization of cross-border asset interaction and reduces the transaction cost of enterprises.

AIS trusted data on-chain system: AIS can use trusted data on-chain, distributed data storage, verifiability, data storage and other technologies to break through the complex credit verification, long process, high cost, and data transmission errors in previous corporate transactions.  .

Through these four major blockchain technologies, a new type of trust mechanism based on trusted data and multi-party consensus is formed, which will help "data" as a production factor to flow and configure more rationally to serve enterprise continuous development.

AISWAP: AIS Token Economic Open Application

In addition to the underlying blockchain technology, AISWAP also innovatively incorporates the token economy into the enterprise’s digital upgrade and reform.

AIS is the ecological token of AISWAP.  At initial development, it was based on a warrant issued by Ethereum, anchoring the tradable shares of the Bolck SK Fund Group, a leading real estate company in Singapore, supported by physical value, with a maximum total issuance of 8 million.

After applies the AIS super public chain,  the enterprise will obtain the corresponding AIS token as an ecological participant to jointly optimize and improve the public chain.  At the same time, the AIS token economy will also serve as a sandbox experiment in the process of enterprise digital upgrades, and the successful part of the AIS token will be used in subsequent reforms to create its own token economy system.

Different from the traditional blockchain token which has no physical value support, AIS has more than the following three application values:

Circulation payment: AIS acts as the platform fuel of AISWAP and circulates on the platform as a means of payment. Application scenarios include but are not limited to fiat currency exchange, digital currency transactions, asset draft acceptance, mall payments, virtual game payment transactions, etc.

Participation in decision-making: The AISWAP community completes voting by initiating smart contracts, allowing holders to participate in the decision-making of major business affairs.  All AIS holders have the same voting rights which means that the rights of each AIS are the same, regardless of holder’s identification. Through the AIS token, AISWAP will realize true decentralized governance, starting from the community, serving the community and returning to the essence of the blockchain.

Earnings and dividends: Holding AIS is equivalent to holding AIS stocks, and you can get profit dividends from AIS platform transactions. Platform profits are calculated quarterly, and dividends are distributed proportionally based on the number of AIS held by users.

The AIS token economy is not only used in the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, incorporating those upgrading enterprises into the entire ecosystem, but also committed to establishing a sample for the digital upgrading of enterprises and reducing the trial and error costs of future transformation of enterprises.

AISWAP: Carrying the mission and moving towards the future

Based on the commercialization of the blockchain,  the original intention and goal of AISWAP, combined with the development of the DeFi ecological technology , is to create an enterprise-level blockchain open ecosystem, and to boost the digital transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises through technology.

With a trendy blockchain track, complete blockchain technology, and reasonable economic planning model,  AISWAP is bound to create its own new era of digital economy, and contribute its own strength to global enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading and business model innovation.

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