AGEWorld bringsnew opportunities in the NFT market


AGE World gives players a variety of experiences in the gameplay, drawing blind boxes to earn different NFTs, NFT mining, famous artworks and limited luxury auctions. This is the first wonderful collision between the blockchain field and the traditional Internet of Things. ! Players can easily operate on the official website whether they are auctioning or buying or selling works, pledge mining or trading! AGE World resolved the contradiction between lock-up and rising currency prices with no currency to sell through a perfect mechanism. AGE World is an NFT aggregation trading ecological platform, NFT creation platform is also a multi-universe ecological platform. The deflation of AGE is far greater than inflation. Early participation in pledge mining can obtain a huge amount of AGE. With the increase of users, the power of the deflationary destruction mechanism will become more and more powerful. AGE World's innovative concept is combined with the IP attributes of the Internet of Things. The number of fans will continue to grow. With the establishment of the online celebrity artist alliance, more fans of online celebrity artists will be able to learn about and join the ecological construction of AGE.



In the traditional field of art, the artist's effort to complete the artwork, at the moment of sale, is equivalent to transferring the ownership to the buyer, and only earns one time. Even if the artist became famous later, the artistic value of his works was re-recognized by the world, and the works have changed hands several times and sold at sky-high prices, but this has nothing to do with the artist himself. In the future platform customization window of AGE World, there will be a large number of cooperating artists participating in the work on the chain. After the artist gets the equity NFT, he has the right to set the price and creation tax according to his own wishes to trade this equity NFT through the platform. In each subsequent transaction of the NFT, the mint can get the income of the transaction amount. No matter how many times you change hands, you can always get the creation tax. In this way, creators participating in AGE World have a way of continuous income.




The continuous fan economy and innovative economic model bring new opportunities, which are not limited to future large ecological applications under the AGE World gameplay. With the strong combination of blockchain and the Internet, IP continues to create content and continues to grow rich. Earn AGE by mining with holding works. The long-term value output will shock the entire blockchain NFT trading market. With the development of the AGE World game ecosystem, it will also bring greater opportunities to the player market!



Hurry up and join AGE,

Let's make money together!



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