1 + 1 > 2 Nongfu Spring Cooperated With Quna Festival to Win Youth Market by Innovative Ideas


Nongfu Spring officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange some time ago, right after that, it made its debut on 9.9 Quna Festival with the new product TOT Carbonated Drinks, which received much attention once again. As a famous marketing IP, Quna Festival has created more contemporary marketing scenarios for increasing number of enterprises and brands since its establishment, and builds a bridge of communication between customers and brands. In this years event, Quna Festival appealed to a large number of consumers with its new products, among which the TOT Carbonated Drinks in the Quna vending machines were sold out soon after the event began.

Nongfu Spring gains insights into the demands of new generations and endeavors to make the brand younger, more interesting and dynamic. In recent years, Nongfu Spring has launched numerous new drinks that are well-received by young people, and won package design awards for several times. Its cooperation with Quna Festival and the introduction of TOT Carbonated Drinks are in accordance with its strategy targeting young generation. Nongfu Spring invited young celebrities with positive images to speak for the product, and worked with Quna design team to create a lively and bright product design. All these efforts demonstrate that the new product is trying hard to win young people’s hearts. Its efforts and achievements in occupying youth market witness the growth of the brand.


As a matter of fact, Nongfu Spring’s efforts to meet the needs of young consumers are not a whim. Take one of its products Tea π as an example, the product positioning of Tea π is being young and fashionable, and the young consumer group stands as its main target object. In order to establish a young and fashionable brand image, Tea π has selected young music idols as spokespersons since 2016, including the super icon group BigBang in 2016, the hip-hop idol Kris Wu in 2017, and the new music idol Lai Guanlin at the moment. Ranked as music icons with unique personalities, these spokespersons are hugely popular among young people. After they became the spokespersons of Tea π, many fans paid more attention to Tea π, which boomed the sales of Tea π to a new high. The distinctive music style and story of each spokesperson enrich the unique brand personality of Tea π.

From the cooperation with 9.9 Quna Festival we can see that Nongfu Spring knows well the the marketing philosophy of "1 + 1 > 2" in cross-border cooperation. As early as 2017, Nongfu Spring worked with Netease Cloud Music to promote a marketing activity named "A Bottle of Mineral Water that Can Cry ". The pure and beautiful songs as well as AR technology of Netease Cloud Music endowed Nongfu Spring with a music soul. In addition, Nongfu Spring has cooperated with variety entertainment programs including the phenomenal program, The Rap of China and a hit program among young people Idol Producer. Through the cross-border cooperation, Nongfu Spring, a brand with a history of more than 20 years, is received and sought after by more young people.

As Nongfu Spring officially went public on the market, it is expected to create more classic cases of transforming new products to hit products, set off a wave of youth and fully meet the needs of young consumers.

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