How the rock stars perform their trading day

Many traders get a headache or get tired while trading. When you are trading that is easy to happen, but it’s not strange. Your body is not build to sit down in a dark room with bad air and watching screens with numbers. So I have created this text to improve your trading day.

The first thing you should do in the morning is to take on your sneakers and take a jog. It is important that you don’t push yourself too hard. You should think about filling your lungs with so much air as possible. When you do so your mind will get more air and blood and it will clear your mind.

When you are done jogging you will feel that your body is very slow and warm. So then you need to take an ice cold shower. When you do so you will wake up your muscles and stimulate your whole body with blood. The moment you walk out of the shower you will feel like you have taken the limitless drug.limitless-1

It is important to eat healthily. “Remeber, you are what you eat”. I have found out that a vegetable smoothie or just a fruit smoothie is perfect to drink in the morning. Then eat some carbs later in the day.

While trading you should stand to become more ambulatory. Have a bottle of water around so you stay hydrated. Have the window open, so you get as much fresh air as possible in you.

If you get tired during the trading session. You should go out take 3-5 minutes and breath slowly in and out. If you are still tired you should dip your head into some ice cold water.

Go for a walk 1pm when the markets are pretty slow. Try to stay away from so much technology as you can. When you get back home take an ice cold shower.

When the market hours are done make your watchlist and study the market. Remember to get a good night sleep so you perform better the next day.

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