Britain just left EU. S&P 500 is falling hard. The overall market is nasty down. But $VMRI doesn’t care about the overall market and took a 62% run.$VMRI have bad fundamentals and are almost going bankrupt. Why is the stock running when all the indicators show that it going to fail? The reason is because it is a pump and dump.


The company has paid a promoter to pump their stock. Reason is to save them from bankruptcy. The pump sent out thousands of emails. Many traders knew that is was a pump and dump, and since the market was down huge it was many over aggressive shorts. At open on Monday the pump kept on sending out emails. So when the stock hit the breakout point all the shorts got squeezed.

The good thing about these types of plays  is the low risk. Let’s say you buy at 1.75. If shorts don’t gets squeezed you cut losses and lose 1-2%.

$VMRI failed day 2

Next day the promoter stop sending out emails. The stock opened weakly.  Made a nice double top as your risk. Was an perfect short and made 46% down side. 

Key: Successful Investing Is Anticipating the Anticipations Of Others.

Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others

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