Take part in this Global Entrepenuer Movement. Learn how to put your money to work or you will always be working for money. Trade with the experts, and get expert results from day one.


The goal with the global entrepreneur movement is to give you wealth! When you buy it you will get:

Live trading room Mondays and Wednesdays: 
Follow, ask and learn from the experts while they analyse charts, talk about ideas, technical and fundamental analysis.

Courses: Find, keep & grow your wealth.
Personal development and personal economy.

Trade alerts / Signals:
You will get alerts with entry, stop-loss and take profit targets. You will get the alerts with Email or trough our own app.

Hands free trading with algorithm:
As you develop your knowledge with trading you can leave a algorithm trade for you. You set yourself a maximum size and risk per trade. The algorithm have traded for us in 2 years without a single day of loss. So the risk is pretty small.

MLM system:
We also have a marketing system. If you get two people to buy our product you will get the WG for free! Also if they add 7 people you will earn $500 a month consistent. Because then you are on the top of all the 9 people. However, if they keep adding you will start to earn some pretty decent money.

More and more tools is coming to grow your wealth!

Questions? Contact me and I will answer as fast as possible.

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