The GE Singularity Collision Officially Detonates, Opening A New Era For the Super Public Chain


Genesis Ecology is a multi-layered DAPP ecological platform based on a double-layer public chain. We are committed to eliminating the chaos existing in blockchains, creating a more scientific, rigorous and transparent wealth distribution system using the original underlying technology of a decentralized double-layer architecture. This will realize a real multi-element cross-chain technology, that can carry the commercial system application scenarios of all industries, and using the multi compatibility of the GE Multi Chain Wallet help the blockchain world to establish a sustainable and distributed financial ecological model.


In the GE ecosystem, the ecological collision system, which transcends the world, can steadily improve the value of GE tokens and realize the sustainable value-addition of the assets. Today, at GMT + 8, all the unprecedented trends of the GE singularity collision will sweep across the world, we are inviting the world to join us at this grand event!


GMT + 8

Asia Pacific Region

China / Malaysia / Singapore 20:00

Vietnam / Thailand / Indonesia / Cambodia 19:00

Japan / Korea 21:00

Australia 23:00


Invest in BTC to participate in the collision, and the blossoms of consensus will bloom all over the world!

The door of wealth has been opened, and GE has created a new era of the super public chain!


News Time 20 December 2019

Company name: Genesis Ecology

Contact: Steven

Email: Address: 51, Jalan Utara, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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