SoulSwap Reaches Strategic Cooperation with MOS Public Chain

09-14 Nasdaq Finance

Recently, the strategic cooperation between SoulSwapa decentralized financial data aggregation platform initiated by Soul blockchain Lab and developed by the world's top Silicon Valley technology team, and MOS Digital blockchain ( is held in Dubai. As a platform based on decentralization and core underlying technology, SoulSwap is achieving rapid fission with the exclusive "token mining + arithmetic mining + promotion mining" model.


MOS Digital Block chain was established in Singapore, and the core team members are from major financial institutions around the world. MerchantCoin, referred to as MC for short, is the use of blockchain technology to build the world's top digital financial platform and decentralized financial payment ecology, and it is also the core project of MOS digital blockchain. Combined with blockchain technology and based on the field of digital finance, MerchantCoin will build a decentralized global payment financial ecology, provide financial services for small and medium-sized service businesses, and establish digital risk control models and business models for them, so as to solve the long-term financing and management problems, create the most fair and efficient financial service ecosystem in the world, and let financial value be transmitted perfectly.

At a press conference, the SoulSwap team said, "our goal is to build a new digital financial system, beyond Ethernet Square, to create the next generation of high-TPS decentralized intelligent contract public chain, beyond currency security, to create the next generation of the world's leading integrated digital financial services platform." The words of the SoulSwap team remind us of its ambition and confidence in the future.

This confidence stems from SoulSwap's commitment and focus on the underlying technology. From the current point of view, the underlying public chain of SoulSwap exchange does have more core advantages, using C++/WASM virtual machine, supporting DAPP application upgrade, programmable governance mechanism, supporting two-way dynamic expansion. In addition, it also has an account system based on Actor model, multi-signature wallet mechanism and multi-level account system, as well as high throughput and expansibility, which lay a good accumulation of technology for the presentation of user-friendly infrastructure.

MerchantCoin will creatively establish the financial service ecology in the era of blockchain 3.0 on the basis of the traditional financial industry model, and strive to establish a set of open, fair and just bottom rules, accelerate the value transmission of the whole financial service industry, optimize the composition of industrial structure, allocate various resources reasonably, and finally complete the distributed digital financial service platform based on mcBlockChain protocol with blockchain technology.

It is understood that the joint SoulSwap is making great efforts to create a new business ecosystem, including SoulSwap public chain, decentralized exchange, alliance chain, privacy protection and blockchain applications such as DAPP, wallet, DEFI, browser, etc., while SOU, as a value certificate issued by SoulSwap, will also achieve application and circulation in the global industrial chain scenario.


In the future, SoulSwap will integrate more community forces and traditional physical industry forms under the gathering force of public chain, intelligent contract, pass, financial ecology, etc., so as to enable block chain technology and digital asset empowerment digital economy to move forward to a higher dimension, so as to contribute to industry development and social development and progress.

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