Nongfu Spring Doubles Down on Coffee Market, Creating Novel Tan Bing Sugar Free Black Coffee


Many consumers used to drink coffee just for the purpose of refreshing their minds, while nowadays consumers' consumption motives are increasingly diversified. For instance, in the survey on distribution of reasons for drinking coffee, 54.9% of the consumers regard coffee as a "leisure drink", which is slightly less than that of "refreshing peoples minds". Besides, "habitual intake of coffee" and "match with breakfast and afternoon tea" account for 20.2% and 17.2% respectively. As the coffee consumption scenarios continue to diversify, coffee is promised to be a common drink and a popular element in high streets and back lanes. With that in mind, Nongfu Spring take the initiative to lay out the coffee market with the launch of Tan Bing Coffee.

The name "Tan Bing" seems plain Jane at the first glance, but actually it implies the "secret" of the coffee production process. To start with, the Chinese character "Tan" represents baking coffee beans with charcoal fire. Nongfu Spring enables each Arabica coffee bean to retain the most mellow flavor and unique aroma by adopting professional baking technique. The Arabica coffee beans that Nongfu Spring uses are sourced from Ethiopia, reputed as the origin of coffee, and Brazil, a major coffee planting country. These Arabica coffee beans are later screened to remove defective beans, only premium coffee beans included to ensure the clean and pure flavor. After the strict baking process, Nongfu Spring adopts customized Italian cold extraction process to extract coffee in a lower temperature and lower the solubility of bitter substances in water, so the bitter taste of coffee is reduced and replaced by a more tender mouthfeel with more coffee essence.

To delivery better product quality, Nongfu Spring makes its coffee freshly grounded and  extracted with the extraction equipment imported from Switzerland. Every cup of Tan Bing coffee perfectly retains the mellow flavor of coffee. From baking to extraction, it allows for self baking and self extraction in the whole process, and controls the whole production process from green coffee beans to coffee extract, thus enabling the coffee product to have the best quality and the most tempting flavor. Nongfu Spring Tan Bing Sugar Free Black Coffee is made with Ethiopia coffee beans with 0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 artificial flavor and 0 instant powder. It satisfies consumers' all imaginations about black coffee with its light berry fruit notes at first sip, combined with caramel chocolate aromas. It is available iced so as to deliver a refreshing drinking experience without burden.

On the surface, Tan Bing range stands as four differentiated products launched by Nongfu Spring after its entrance on the coffee market, but in a deeper sense, it presents an important signal for Nongfu Spring to continue its efforts on the fast-growing coffee set. But Nongfu Spring's ambition on the coffee aisle goes further than product itself. In May 2020, Nongfu Spring placed fresh ground coffee machines in Wumart convenience stores, Wumart supermarkets and other Wumart retail stores in Beijing, with product offerings ranging from Americano, latte, cappuccino to mocha and more. From coffee products to offline fresh ground coffee machines, Nongfu Spring is working hard to cover more channels and products and seek more opportunities in coffee consumption scenarios, while striving for market segmentation in coffee category and in-depth development. Nongfu Spring is going all in on establishing a foothold in a market crowded with leading giants and seniors.

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