$GALE is a huge halt. The stock went from $2 to $0.5 over the night. Then all the shorts are covering and the stock is beeing pushed up. After three days of squeezing traders are buying the dip! The risk is so huge. You should never dip or buy these type of stocks. You should look for short entries.

$GALE 01.07

The reason is because it is a bunch of sellers that bought in the 2s. It is a reason that the stock is halted, the company is shit. The only time you can buy these types of patterns is when the company have big news that erases the halt.

$VMRI is a big pump. The stock has failed hugely in two days. So shorts was stacking up. The promoter wanted to squeeze them. So on the third day of falling the promoter started to send out emails. So when the stock hit the breakout all the short got squeezed.

Key: Breakouts are powerful squeezes.

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