It is hundreds or probably even thousands of Mentorship/Alert programs out there. I have studied a lot of these so called trading teaching programs while seeking consistent trading profits. A lot of them is pure scam and is 100% unethical. So if it is one program I would recommend you proud it is Fous Alerts. It is probably the best trading teaching product available. It is a product that will give you trading success if you do the work. The best part about Fous Alerts is that they teach you patterns/edges/strategies that gives you consistent profits. You can also get up to 25,000 dollars if you can prove that you are a high profitable trader.

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Why did I found Fous Alerts so profitable?

The rules and the strategies are unique. The way Fous Alerts teaches you is amazing. After I joined I would never go back to other trading memberships. The membership is almost feel like a family because everyone is helping everyone. Fous Alerts is just a perfect product form A to Z. The features you will get when you join is:

  • Trade with a Pro-Trader: It is so important to have SURROND YOUR SELF WITH THOSE ON THE SAME MISSION AS YOUprofessional traders in your surroundings! The pro- traders will help you out if it is something you don’t understand. They will give you tips to improve your trading. They will give you hot stocks. They will give you trading idea’s, Generally just to help you succeed in trading! 
  • Live Chat Alerts: The live chat is a key tool to get trading success. Because it is so many experienced penny stock traders in the same place. You will never miss out on huge stock plays if you join the chatroom. If a trader takes a huge loss, everyone feels you and tries to help you, so you can learn from your mistakes. The moderators or the master traders always comes with good tips before market open.
  • Real Time Email/sms Alerts: Every time Cameron buys or sells he will alert you! So if you are prepared enough you can trade like Cameron! So you can earn money by just following alerts, so in the end membership will be free!
  • 2-5 Video Lessons/wk: Every week the Fous Alerts will give you high-quality trading content! The Video lessons will help you succeed as a trader. The videos will contain what he did wrong or what he did right. He will also give genius trading tips.
  • Video lesson Library: Since you are reading this review right now you have probably missed out on some video lessons. But all the video lessons are uploaded to a huge library! So you can watch Cameron speak about trading 24/7!
  • FOUStv HD Videocast: This is maybe the best product you get. Every day Cameron will have a live videocast with other experienced traders. They will entry stocks right in front of you nose. They will talk about the stock they probably going to enter. So the videocast is an amazing revolutionary method to learn to trade stocks! You also can ask them questions live and they will answer.
  • Hedge Fund Trader: You can become a hedge fund trader!  They offer 3 different tiers of education that each has its own level of accreditation. Once you successfully pass the level you choose, you may qualify to become a trader at Clique Fund L.P.
  • Pro Trading Tools:  The trading tool will give you no day trade limits, advanced charting tools, risk management tools and trade firm capital! This is one of the most hottest trading platforms out there!
  • Trade Firm Capital: The hedge fund capital allows you to trade with 25,000 dollars if you can answer some educational questions. So if you buy the membership and get educated you get 25,000 dollars to trade with, that’s an awesome deal. After 3 months you get a 10% fee from all your profits. So if you get a 10,000 dollar profit after 3 months they get 1,000 of them. That leaves you with 9,000 dollars! What will happen if you lose them all you ask? Nothing! You know that the strategy works when you can offer a so amazing opportunity.

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How Cameron and his students banked in 15 minutes!

Cameron Fous had watched a stock called $SPU a while because it was running every day. He alerted his student about the stock. So after 13 days with the uptrend, the stock got a first bearish sign. This was the first time the bulls had a reason to sell. So Cameron alerted his students and the stock went from $18 to $14! That gave them all with some nice profits, including me.

Another example

Cameron started scanning pre-market actions as he identified a stock called $CCCL.The stock was gaping-up and had run on significant volume. He alerted all the Fous Alerts members about the stock. I was at my a full-time job then but even when I was a job I knew about the stock since he has real-time text alerts. He alerted short in the $5.09s after an overextended run. Cameron covered his position with an $1,200 profits, with other words he got 8.6%. I only got 5% since I took my profits a bit to early.. However I was still in the learning process then. Several of his other students also got profits on that alert. This all happened in one hour!


Who is Cameron Fous?

Cameron Fous is an amazing, unique and highly profitable stock trader. He was fascinated by the stock market since he was a little child. He wanted to become a stockbroker when he grew up. When he was getting older he decided to go to Oregon State University with a Finance concentration. In 2005 Cameron’s aunt received a hot stock pick letter. The letter contained “The Next Big Thing”. No one knew what the stock was going to do in Cameron’s family. They got all hyped..

Cameron’s grandfather had just passed and his family inherited a 1 ½million dollars. Since everyone was such hyped up they took all the money into that one single stock. Cameron also got hyped and sold his BMW M3 so he got money to invest in the stock. He also wanted to learn how to invest so he thought that this was a good beginning. Even his girlfriend bought because this was a “sure thing”. They all, unfortunately, ended up buying the stock.

Since Cameron was interesting in the stock market. He wanted to learn. So he became a member of a trading website called The website had almost the same service that he has today on his own website. He learned more and more about the stock market as the days was going by.

He’s family and Cameron bought the stock around 4 dollar-ish. The stock rose to 6 dollars after 2 months. Everyone was hyped up and thought that the stock was on the way up to 20 dollars or more. But Cameron was bored and wanted to learn how really invest in stocks. Not some low-priced speculative stock. So he sold his position and made some solid profits. He did not tell his girlfriend and family.

A few weeks later Cameron woke up and saw the stock at 50 cents! The previous day the stock was 7 dollars. The 1½ million dollars was pretty much wiped all gone in one single day. Cameron had luck that he covered. That was a funny welcome to the stock market!

After about a year of refining his skills and gaining confidence, he became more and more popular on the website he was learning from. So he decided to start his own stock trading service. He called his website His goal was to learn stock traders how to trade.

The years passed and he began to mastering trading. He had made a strategy that anyone could easily learn if you implemented it correctly. His only problem was that he started not following his own strategy! Sounds crazy but it was true. He was making highly risked trades to hit that home run. It took him three years of screwing around and analyze what he did wrong before he made any real money. He blew up his account twice. He lost his initial 10,000 dollars and saved up another 5,000 dollars and he also lost that. He saved up another 5,000 dollars and began finally to stick to his own strategy. He knew that if he stuck disciplined to his trading strategy he could keep going with the profits. So he finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He kept on grinding for his goal to trading success.

He ran for 2.5 years for free and built a highly respectable reputation as one of the best stock pickers with small cap and penny stocks. So he had a choice to make as all of us do… either focus on graduating college and work for a financial firm or avoid the typical 9-5 life and trade stocks. He also wanted to spread his passion and knowledge with his business. The first month of running his service he made 30,000 dollars on people that actually believed in his strategy. That was a pretty shock for him.

His confidence was quickly taken away by the scary turn in 2008, the big financial crash. He thought that his business was going to fail. It really almost failed but he refused to give up! When the overall market turned upwards again. He made roughly 100,000 dollars in 9 months!

Fast forwarding he began using that tracked and verified all is trades and made 820,000 dollars since 2011. The cool part is that he only used a few hours a day to reach so much! Then he renamed his to at the same time he had to build an educational website offering full training courses know as the FOUS4 as well as he offering a real time hands trading with FousTV ever day.

Right now he has students all worldwide. He has created several of successful students with his strategy. His goal is to make more millionaires. So take action and apply today!

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    Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far. However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the supply?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with this review. I’ve been trading for 8 months now and trying many other services and strategies and I’ve finally started getting consistent when I joined FousAlerts 2 months ago. Love his step-by-step strategy!

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