$CRCM got an investment for google. The investment contended $46 Million dollars. The stock went from $8.5 to $11.8. Since it was an investment for google and a huge spike premarket the stock got on everybody’s radar. But the really question here is where to buy/sell? 

$CRCM 30.06.16

You should not short a contract winner obviously. So I looked after a place to buy.  I never buy straight at open, I want the stock to show me that he is worthy buying. When the stock made a floor at open I looked for the next bottom. When I saw that the stock made a higher low instead of a hitting previous low it was a perfect buy. I bought 11.33. I held it and was hoping for the stock to breakout. But after hitting the resistance 3 times I sold at 11.87.  Gave me a safe 4%. Not a huge profit. But it is a very safe trade and I have a good chance for a spike.  I can do over and over again. 

Formula: Positive News+ Huge Spike+Dip= Profits

you shold be focused on consistency
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