The only goal with the Global Entrepreneur Movement is to give you wealth! When you buy it you will get:

Live trading room Mondays and Wednesdays: 
Follow, ask and learn from the experts while they analyse charts, talk about ideas, technical and fundamental analysis.

Courses: Find, keep & grow your wealth.
Personal development and personal economy.

Trade alerts / signaler:
You will get alerts with entry, stop-loss and take profit targets. You will get the alerts with Email or trough our own app.

Hands free trading with algorithm:
As you develop your knowledge with trading you can leave a algorithm trade for you. You set yourself a maximum size and risk per trade. The algorithm have traded for us in 2 years without a single day of loss. So the risk is pretty small.

MLM system:
We also have a marketing system. If you get two people to buy our product you will get the WG for free! Also if they add 7 people you will earn $500 a month consistent. Because then you are on the top of all the 9 people. However, if they keep adding you will start to earn some pretty decent money.

More and more tools is coming to grow your wealth!